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Aniya Warrior's Challenge
Two words. Girl Power! Aniya Warrior's Challenge is a short comic story written by Jacquitta A. McManus. The illustrator uses vivid illustrations to depict the story. It is action-packed and leaves nothing to the imagination. Aniya doesn't back down from...
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Lil Authorpreneur
Last week, Lauren Simone Publishing House collaborated with Love of Literature, Inc. (LOL) and Brown Girl, Brown Boy (BBBG) hosting a one-week camp called Lil Authorpreneur Virtual Camp.  Facilitated by Melissa-Sue John, Ph.D., the meetings started on time and went smoothly. ...
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Book Review: Best in Me Book
I love this book so much! Kudos to the illustrator who brought the author's words to life. An excellent job is done by the author who is an elementary school teacher and knows first hand what children are bullied for....
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