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The idea of Laur​en Simone Publishing (LSP) House began in 2016. It was formally established as an entity of Front Page Talent LLC and functions as a publishing company in Connecticut. The publishing house was birthed by two sisters, Olivia Lauren John and Alyssa Simone John who enjoy the arts. They act, model, draw, paint, play musical instruments, and most recently started to publish books. They wanted to expose young readers to the things that they had experienced, as well as create a platform for other authors and artists to share their talent and diversity.  


January: Alyssa Simone, Olivia Lauren, and their mother, Dr. Melissa-Sue John created the Olivia Lauren book series.
May: Front Page Talent LLC dba Lauren Simone Publishing House is established; Alina Dowe, Princeton Dowe, and Brazil Dowe join Lauren Simone Publishing House and releases the first edition of The Dowe Twins' More2Learn Series (The Days of the Week, The Months of the Year, Would you know who I am), and He and She Series (Siblings Fight). 


January: Sabrena Bishop and Elijah Bishop released Elijah and his invisible friend.  
February: Imani Ariana Grant's Disco Balls of the Universe was released. 
March: Sabrena Bishop released I May Not Be Like You, But We Could Be Friends. 
December: Yvette Phillips released The Tale of Princess Alicia, a chapter book. 

January: Lauren Simone Publishing House created an online bookstore hosting other diverse children's books, toys, puzzles, accessories, and apparel.
February: Lauren Simone Pubs featured by Red Clover Reader.
April: Imani published her second book, The Golden Life of Sally Sunflower. 
October: Lala and Henry Wingo by Ayana Bando and her daughters was released.
December: Yvette Phillips released an accompanying Princess Alicia Activity Book to accompany the chapter book.

January: Priscilla Morgan published a Gratitude Journal for Kids
February: Yvette Phillips featured on News12 reading for Chinese Lunar Year.
March: Lauren Simone Publishing House became eligible to participate in the State of Connecticut’s Supplier Diversity Program certifying as an official Small/Minority Business Enterprise. 
May: Sabrena Bishop and her son, Elijah released Elijah's Birthday Surprise. 
July: Sabrena Bishop and her daughter, Madison released Madison explores paint. 
Olivia Lauren and Dr. John read Things We Wear on the CaryLee  Show.
August: Lauren Simone Pubs in collaboration with the Love of Literature host virtual camp.
October: Rabbi Donna Berman released The Painted Sky.
Lauren Simone Pubs featured by the Greater New Haven Arts Council.
December: Lauren Simone Pubs chooses Charter Oak Cultural Center as its official charity, giving 10% of proceeds of the Olivia Lauren series. 

February: Educators, Ryan Parker and Justis Lopez, released Happyvism: A Story about Choosing Joy; Imani Ariana featured on NBC.

March: Imani Ariana released her third book, Virtual Lift Off. 
April: Imani Ariana featured on The Weather Channel
May: Lauren Simone Pubs receives Citizens Bank Small Business Community Champion Award; Ryan Parker featured as  Poet Laurette of Manchester on Fox; Olivia Lauren's poem featured on CT transit bus.
June: Aaron Gordon and Fitzroy Gordon released Cybersecurity Explorers.
July: Proskater by Amari Bingham was released.
September: Lauren Simone Pubs accepted into the Girls for Technology Building for Equity Pitch Competition.
October: Lauren Simone Pubs was nominated ShopBlackCT professional service.
Lauren Simone Pubs was invited into the 2021 Inner City Capital Connects (ICCC) cohort. 
November: Lauren Simone was voted Audience Favorite at the Girls for Technology Building for Equity.
December: Melissa-Sue John was featured by Boceto Media for the Olivia Lauren series representing diversity in the community and on the front page of the Hartford News; Rosamond White releases Home, Where is Home?

January: Lauren Simone Pubs accepted into Operation Hope Business Accelerator.
February: Dr. John and Dr.  Fitzroy Gordon featured on East Hartford Library's Author Showcase; Lauren Simone Pubs was accepted in 12th cohort of the Reset Impact Business Accelerator; Dr. John was a featured on New Haven Arts Council Black Children's Book Week, and Jenny Boom Boom's Small Business. 
March: Dr. John was invited to UCONN Werth Coffee Chats and featured on Royal Lilac for Women' history month; Joseph Inigo releases Music Note Kids;  Willona Y. Amoakoh joined Lauren Simone; Yvette Phillips speaks at a Women's conference; Lauren Simone Pubs selected as a finalist in A Billion Black Business; Olivia Lauren's books featured in Children's Lending Library in Italy and Story Playr Library in France.  

​Currently, Lauren Simone Publishing House has 11 youth authors, 14 adult authors, 5 youth illustrators, and 5 adult illustrators. Click on the link to learn more about the authors and illustrators


The mission of Lauren Simone Publishing House is to tackle the issue of lack of diversity in children's literature by being completely inclusive in terms of gender, race, nationality, religion, and ability by publishing the works of diverse authors and illustrators thereby creating literature for all to enjoy. Lauren Simone Publishing House is invested in engaging children in stories written by nontraditional authors; expanding the diversity of groups not often represented in literary works; educating and improving children's understanding of their academic and social experiences and empowering young illustrators by giving them a platform to highlight their artistic skills and build their portfolio, esteem, and marketability.  


Our core values are 

  • Diversity. We seek to promote children's literature that have diverse characters in age, race, nationality, gender, and ability so that all parents and teachers can find books that their children or students will enjoy. .
  • Inclusion. We seek to be inclusive by publishing the work of authors and illustrators of all ages, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, and ability so that our customers recognize that this publishing house is for them. 
  • Community. We seek to empower the communities we serve in our donation of our time, effort, talent and wealth. We have committed to giving 10% of proceeds from Olivia Lauren series to Charter Oak Community Cultural Center. Charter Oak Cultural Center is a vibrant multi-cultural arts center committed to doing the work of social justice through the arts. We seek to hire employees in our local and national communities, rather than outsourcing internationally. 
  • Equity. We seek to create entertaining but educational books to increase the joy of reading, the love of STEM, and  therefore reduce disparities in education. 
  • Satisfaction. We seek to provide satisfactory service to our clients and customers by providing efficient communication, professionalism, honesty, and transparency. 


Our vision is to improve the lives of people and communities we encounter. By raising the self-confidence of the authors and illustrators we represent; empowering the children who read our books by letting them see positive representation of themselves; and challenging preconceived narrative of  BIPOC students' worth, abilities, and talents, we hope to accomplish this vision.