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The idea of Laur​en Simone Publishing (LSP) House began in 2017. It was formally established as an entity of Front Page Talent LLC and functions as a publishing company in the State of Connecticut. The publishing house was birthed by two sisters, Olivia Lauren John and Alyssa Simone John who enjoyed performing and creative arts. They acted, modeled, drew, painted, played musical instruments, wrote, and self-published their own children's books. They wanted to expose young readers to the things that they had experienced, as well as create a platform for other authors and artists to share their talent and diversity. 
January 2017:
Alyssa Simone, Olivia Lauren, and their mother, Dr. Melissa-Sue John created the Olivia Lauren book series 
Olivia Lauren Occupations A to Z, a children's career guide was released, illustrated by Simonne-Anais and Zachary Michael Clarkewas released.
Simmone Clarke, Zachary Clarke, Olivia Lauren John
March 2017
Olivia Lauren's Olivia Travels, illustrated by Niquey, was released. 
Dominique Rattray aka Nique Olivia Lauren
Alina Dowe and her twins, Princeton Dowe, and Brazil Dowe, joined Lauren Simone Publishing House and released the first edition book of the He and She Series Siblings Fight. 
April 2017: 
Olivia Lauren was invited to read at Rising Stars preschool. 

June 2017:
Books available in Bookclub Bookstore in South Windsor, CT, Mahogany Cafe Bookstore in Florida, and the Prosser Public Library in Bloomfield, CT. Authors and illustrators had a Meet and Greet at Go Bananas, Montclair, NJ.
July 2017:
Olivia Lauren had public readings of Olivia Travels at the Hartford Public Library, Albany branch and the Brooklyn Public Library.
Olivia Lauren John reads Olivia Travels at the Brooklyn Public Library
August 2017:
Lauren Simone Pubs garnered their official illustrator team: Leo, Niquey, Simonne, and Zach.
Olivia Lauren was interviewed on the Ernee Pepper Show.
Olivia Lauren's Olivia Connects was released.
Olivia Lauren was featured in the Hartford Courant.
The first edition of the Dowe Twins More 2 Learn Series' Days of the Week was released and distributed by Book Club Bookstore, South Windsor, CT.
September 2017:
Olivia Lauren's A Guide to the Things We Wear was released. Olivia Lauren did a story time at Jack and Allie's Bookstore in Vernon, CT.
October 2017:
Olivia Lauren and Dr. John were invited to Career Day at Laurel Elementary in Bloomfield, CT.
November 2017:
Olivia Lauren attended her first Book fair at the Connecticut Children's Book Fair. 
December 2017:
Olivia Lauren read at the Wood Library and Museum. 
January 2018: 
Sabrena Bishop and Elijah Bishop released Elijah and his invisible friend. 
Dr. John was featured on Smile Jamaica on TVJ.
Dr. John did a book reading at Bookaphilia bookstore in Kingston, JA.

Lauren Simone Publishing added tote bags.
February 2018:
Dr. John was a featured author at the Local CT authors visit Prosser Library.
Dr. John and Sabrena Bishop were featured in Atlanta African American Book Festival.
Imani Ariana Grant's Disco Balls of the Universe was released.
Lauren Simone Publishing attended their first Black Wall Street event in Bridgeport.
March 2018:
Imani's book launch took place in Bloomfield, CT. 
Lauren Simone Pubs was made available at Brown Boy, Brown Girl Bookstore.
Dr. John spoke on a panel at the Wallingford Public Library with other esteemed authors including Tochi Onyebuchi.
Dr. John was invited to read for Black history month at school at Principal Nick Jones school.
April 2018:
Lauren Simone Pubs attends book fair in Philadelphia, PA held by Neo Davis and Monique of Beaunoir Books at The Greatness Center.
Sabrena Bishop read at a story time at a school in Broward County, Florida.
Olivia Lauren read at the East Hartford Learning Center in East Hartford, CT.
Lauren Simone Publishing Authors were featured on Path to Greatness podcast.
Sabrena was interviewed  by Bev Jones.
Lauren Simone Pubs was a vendor at the Pitkin Elementary School.
Olivia read at Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore in Middletown, CT.
NBC Reporter Keisha Grant shared a photo of her daughter in Olivia Lauren tee. 
May 2018:
Imani read book at the YMCA Vernon.
LSP authors attended UCONN Barnes and Noble Children's Book Day Event in Hartford.
Olivia Lauren's Things We Wear and Occupations A to Z received Readers Favorite Five Star seal.
Sabrena Bishop read at Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs, FL.
June 2018:
Imani read at Bronx School.
Imani and Olivia Lauren displayed books at the Hartford Public Main library and were featured on NBC.
Authors, Olivia Lauren and Imani Ariana attended Black Wall Street New Haven.
July 2018:
LSP started a blog.
Sabrena Bishop attended South Florida Book Festival.
Authors, Sabrena, Olivia Lauren, Madison, Brandon and Dr. John attended the Atlanta African American Book Festival.
Imani read at the Rockville Public Library.
Lauren Simone Books were accepted into the Tall Tales Book Shop.
Lauren Simone Pubs attended the Freedom Community Festival in Bridgeport, CT.
Lauren Simone Publishing Freedom event
Disco Balls rated Reader's Favorite 5 star.
August 2018:
Imani attended the Fun in the Son event in Bronx, NY and Jack and Allies Bookstore, Vernon, CT.
Imani Ariana reads at Jack and Allie's bookstore
LSP Books now sold at That Book Store in Wethersfield, CT.
Olivia met award winning children's book author, Jacqueline Woods at Mark Twain Center, Hartford, CT.
September 2018:
Olivia, Alyssa, Imani, Madison, and Elijah featured in Writer's Life Magazine. Book fair at the Bloomfield Congregational Church.
October 2018:
Sabrena presents at the ESE Family Forum in Dade County, Florida.
November 2018:
Olivia and Imani read at Annie's Bookstore, MA.
December 2018: 
Yvette Phillips released The Tale of Princess Alicia, a chapter book and had her book launch with the illustrators, Simonne-Anais and Zachary-Michael Clarke in Bronx, NY.
Authors attend Winter Book Fair at UCONN Bookstore.
Sabrena's book I may not be like you but we could be friends was a featured book at the LOL Book Club. 
January 2019: 
Lauren Simone Publishing House created an online bookstore hosting other diverse children's books, toys, puzzles, accessories, and apparel.
Dr. John hosts book event at Kozy Korner Bookstore in Jamaica. 
Lauren Simone Publishing Dr John at Kozy Korner Books
February 2019:
Lauren Simone Pubs authors featured by Red Clover Reader.
Olivia and Imani are featured by Inspo Mini Style.
Imani presented at the Kids Week event at the Intrepid Museum in New York, NY.
Miss Florida Teen read Elijah and his invisible friend to a class in Florida.
March 2019:
Dr. John read Things We Wear at Sunset Ridge Elementary School.
Olivia read Things We Wear at LOL Book Club.
Yvette Phillips featured on Red Clover Reader
Lauren Simone Pubs partnered with Vintage Radio and Communication Museum of Connecticut.
Imani hosted Paint event at Painting with a twist. 
Olivia and Dr. John featured on Both Sides with DJ and Hanee podcast.
Yvette and Dr John vend at Family Feud event
Yvette Phillips Tale of Alicia and Melissa-Sue John
April 2019:
Olivia read Things We Wear book at That Book Store.
 Imani released her second book, The Golden Life of Sally Sunflower.
May 2019:
Olivia Lauren showcased books at the Hartford Public Library. 
June 2019:
Imani showcased books at the Ever Wonder children's museum and Strong Family Farm.
July 2019:
Yvette showcases book at Kozy Korner Bookstore, Kingston, JA. Imani showcases books at Discovery Museum.
September 2019:
Lauren Simone Pubs books featured at the UCONN BN event.
October 2019:
Dr. John presented at the CT Lit Fest, showcased books at the East Hartford fall festival and Strong Farm Harvest Festival.
Olivia showcased books at Auer Farm Festival. 
Lala and Henry Wingo by Ayana Bando and her daughters was released.
November 2019:
Sabrena Bishop named in Author Academy Top 10 Finalist.
December 2019: 
Yvette Phillips released an accompanying Princess Alicia Activity Book to accompany the chapter book.
Lauren Simone Pubs participated in the Bloomfield Backpack Program and UCONN Barnes and Noble Holiday Bazaar.
January 2020: 
Priscilla Morgan released a Gratitude Journal for Kids
February 2020
Yvette Phillips featured on News12 reading for Chinese Lunar Year.
March 2020: 
Lauren Simone Publishing House participated in the State of Connecticut’s Supplier Diversity Program certifying as an official Small/Minority Business Enterprise. 
May 2020: 
Sabrena Bishop and her son, Elijah released Elijah's Birthday Surprise
July 2020: 
Sabrena Bishop and her daughter, Madison released Madison explores paint. 
Olivia Lauren and Dr. John read Things We Wear on the CaryLee  Show.
August 2020: 
Lauren Simone Pubs, in collaboration with the Love of Literature, hosted a virtual camp.
October 2020: 
Rabbi Donna Berman released The Painted Sky.
Lauren Simone Pubs featured by the Greater New Haven Arts Council.
December 2020: 
Lauren Simone Pubs chooses Charter Oak Cultural Center as its official charity, giving 10% of proceeds of the Olivia Lauren series. 
February 2021: 
Educators, Ryan Parker and Justis Lopez, released Happyvism: A Story about Choosing Joy.
 Imani Ariana featured on NBC.
March 2021: 
Imani Ariana released her third book, Virtual Lift Off. 
Ryan Parker, Justis Lopez, and Dr. John presented at a UCONN digital forum. 
April 2021:
 Imani Ariana featured on The Weather Channel.
Ryan Parker was honored as a CT Poet Laureate. 

May 2021:
 Lauren Simone Pubs received Citizens Bank Small Business Community Champion Award
Ryan Parker featured as Poet Laurette of Manchester on Fox.
Olivia Lauren's poem was featured on CT transit bus for Poetry on the streets.
June 2021: 
Aaron Gordon and Fitzroy Gordon released Cybersecurity Explorers.
July 2021: 
Proskater by Amari Bingham was released on Amazon.
child author Amari Bingham
September 2021:
Lauren Simone Publishing awarded Liberty Bank and Hartford Yard Goats Community Kindness Hero.
Lauren Simone Pubs accepted into the Girls for Technology Building for Equity Pitch Competition.
October 2021:
Lauren Simone Pubs was nominated ShopBlackCT professional service and they won!
Lauren Simone Pubs was invited into the 2021 Inner City Capital Connects (ICCC) cohort. 
November 2021:
Lauren Simone participated in GFT Pitch Competition and was voted Audience Favorite at the Girls for Technology Building for Equity.
Editor Stephanie Clarke joins Lauren Simone Publishing.
December 2021:
Melissa-Sue John was featured by Boceto Media for the Olivia Lauren series representing diversity in the community.
Lauren Simone Publishing was on the front page of the Hartford News.
Rosamond White releases Home, Where is Home?;
Youth Illustrator, Zachary Clarke's art makes the cover of The Bubblah Children's Magazine. 
January 2022:
Lauren Simone Publishing was accepted into Operation Hope Business Accelerator.
February 2022:
Dr. John and Dr.  Fitzroy Gordon were featured
on East Hartford Library's Author Showcase.
Lauren Simone Pubs was accepted in 12th cohort of the
Reset Impact Business Accelerator.
Dr. John was a featured on New Haven Arts Council
Black Children's Book Week, and Jenny Boom Boom's Small Business. 
March 2022:
Dr. John was invited to UCONN Werth Coffee Chats and featured on Royal Lilac for Women' history month.
Joseph Inigo released Music Note Kids
Yvette Phillips spoke at a Women's conference.
Lauren Simone Pubs selected as a finalist in A Billion Black Business.
Olivia Lauren's books featured in Children's Lending Library in Florence, Italy. 
April 2022:
Nichole Hawkins joined Lauren Simone Publishing House. 
May 2022: 
Carol Cross joined Lauren Simone Publishing House. 
Joseph Inigo honored with Hartford Yard Goats Community Hero award.
June 2022:
Nichole Hawkins released You are the U in Unique.
Illustrator Aadil Kwan joined Lauren Simone Publishing.
Author Cheryl Baldwin joined Lauren Simone Publishing.
Imani Grant, Olivia Lauren, and Dr. John presented at the Black Children's Reading Lounge.
Dr. John presented at Career Week at O'Brien STEM Academy.
Rosamond White honored with Liberty Bank
and Hartford Yard Goats community hero award. 
Dr. John presented at the reSET Social Enterprise Venture Showcase, where she won first place. 
September 2022:
Olivia Lauren released in Spanish.
Dr. John was awarded a WBDC Equity match grant.
; Illustrator Rakeem Nelson joins Lauren Simone Publishing. Amari Bingham was featured in The Bubblah.
October 2022:
Rosamond White was featured in The Medium.
Madison Bishop was featured in South Florida Special Olympics newsletter.
Dr. John presented two workshops at the East Hartford Public Library.
east hartford Library workshop Dr. Melissa-Sue John
Dr. John competed and came second place in the Havyn Hatch
Female Founder Pitch Competition. 
Photo by Christopher from Havyn Hatch
Dr John was a top 20 finalist in the Excelerate America Competition.
Dr. John was also nominated for an 2022 Inspirational Influencer Award.
Dr. John was interviewed on the Powerful Podcast
Fitzroy Gordon, Rosamond White, and Olivia Lauren presented
at the Elm City Lit Festival and Rosamond White was
featured in the New Haven Independent Newspaper. 
elm city lit festival new haven public free library stetson branch
November 2022:
Cheryl Baldwin launches book, You Cant Catch Me at Affordable Childcare Learning Center
Cheryl L Baldwin You Cant Catch Me
December 2022: 
Janice Polite joined Lauren Simone Publishing House.
Crystal Lannaman joined Lauren Simone Publishing House.
January 2023:
Pedro Valentin joined Lauren Simone Publishing House. 
Dr. John and Olivia Lauren publish 7th book of the Olivia Lauren series, A Guide to Animal Habitats
Dr. Melissa-Sue John releases new book in Olivia Lauren series
February 2023:
Dr. John accepted into the Goldman Sachs One million women in business accelerator. 
Olivia Lauren, Simonne-Anais, and Zachary-Michael present at the Eric Carle Museum. 
Eric Carle Museum
Dr. John interviewed by Brianna Carter's Mama Knows Nada podcast as RoAR author. 
March 2023:
A Worm Named Small was released on Amazon. 
Worm Named Small Janice Polite
LSP authors, Dr. John and Rosamond White, attended Black Children's Book Week event at Possible Futures.
Black Children's Book week
Dr. John visited the Christina Seix Academy and shared her entrepreneurial journey with students.
 Olivia Lauren and Dr. John presented at the Black Children's Reading Lounge.
Lauren Simone Pubs garnered their first Kirkus Book Review for Dark Shade: The Determined Dragon.
April 2023:
Dark Shade The Determined Dragon was released on Amazon.
Lauren Simone Pubs accepted into the Realist Lab Tech Accelerator.
May 2023:
Lauren Simone Publishing was accepted into the Level B-Corp Accelerator.
The book launch of Dark Shade The Determined Dragon in Snohomish, WA.
Dark Shade The Determined Dragon
Five star Readers Favorite Review of Favorite Things.
Pedro Valentin interviewed on Tropical Lit Creatives.
June 2023:
LSP celebrated several graduates: Amari Bingham (elementary school), Zachary- Michael Clarke (high school), Madison Aiken (high school), and their co-owners, Alyssa Simone (college) and Dr. John (Goldman Sachs)
Dr. John completed Realist Lab and begun the Level Program.
Dr. John interviewed by James Dale's Creative Corner and featured on Nav's Small Business Spotlight
July 2023:
Dark Shade and Favorite Things were made available on BN.
Animal Habitats was featured as Caribbean Book of the Day.
Dr. Melissa-Sue John Guide to Animal Habitats Caribbean book of the day
Dr. John was interviewed by Alix Boyle of Season's Magazine.
Dr. John was featured on Delta Money Talk Show. 
Delta Money Talk Show with Melissa-Sue John
August 2023:
Dr. Melisa Sue John was featured by 

Level 3.0: Supporting businesses led by women of color and growing the B Corp community and Black Business Spotlight by reSET Co

October 2023:
Dr. Melissa-Sue John receives Connecticut Women Rising award.
Dr. Melissa-Sue John and Fran Pastore
Dr. Melissa-Sue John spoke at Hartford Public Library for author day. 
Dr. John featured in Season's Magazine published. 
November 2023:
Dr. Melissa-Sue John spoke on panel at the Workspace.
Melissa-Sue John at Manchester Workspace 2023
Dr. John featured in Westfair Business Journal.
 Melissa-Sue John featured in Westfair WAG Business Journal 2023
Dr. John recognized by the University of Saint Joseph.
Crystal Lannaman and Kamil Lannaman released
The Mystery of the Missing Gifts.
January 2024:
Lauren Simone Publishing House becomes a B Corp certified Business.
B Corp businesses
Authors Tashana Howse, Angela Williams, and Susan Carey
join the Lauren Simone Publishing House family. 
February 2024:
Dr. John featured by Bold Journey Magazine. 
Bold journey magazine Melissa-Sue John
Dr. John is speaking at Woodbury Library on the topic of Banned Books. 
​Currently, Lauren Simone Publishing House is a woman owned, minority owned, immigrant owned, and family owned company that has published 34 authors
(14 youth and 20 adults) and 14 illustrators (7 youth and 7 adults) from the United States (namely Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Washington), Brazil, India, and the Philippines.
Lauren Simone Publishing a family owned company
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