Lauren Simone Publishing House, established in 2017, is a hybrid publisher interested primarily in children’s stories that are fun, exciting, engaging, educational, and teach children values. We have recently expanded our publishing to theses, dissertations, memoirs, and novels. 

If you would like us to consider your manuscript to begin the initiation process, it is recommended that you prepare the following:

Send us the full story.  If you would like us to consider your own illustrations, please also include them in your submission.

All manuscripts should be in double line spacing and font size 12, chapters and pages also numbered. We have high regard for good presentation.

Your manuscript should be emailed to and attached as a Word Document or PDF file. Include:
  • Full name of author and illustrator
  • Pen name, if relevant
  • State and Country of residence
  • Email and phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Short biography telling us about yourself including writing accomplishments and writing goals
    All submissions to LSP are confidential. We carefully consider all submissions, but because of the high volume we receive, we cannot give individual feedback or editorial guidance, but we will reply to you within 2 – 4 weeks.
Meet the Publisher
The publisher shares their mission, vision, values, and process. 
The author shares their mission, goals, and manuscript.
If there is alignment, a contract is drafted that the author and publisher agree on.
The author selects an illustrator within their style and budget.
Work on the Storyboard
The manuscript is revised from story development, editing, and quality standpoint.
A storyboard is drafted detailing the images to be created by the illustrator
Book Production
The illustrator creates the images in sketches and after approved are colored
The graphic artist formats the book.
The book is created in a pdf and shared with the author for approval.
The book is submitted to US Copyright office.
Book Distribution
A draft copy is printed and sent to the author for their approval. 
Upon approval, copies are shipped to the author for their promotion and sales.
Book Promotion
The author may choose to do an online or in person book launch.

The author may choose to hire a public relations officer to help market her book in tv, magazine, newspapers, and podcasts.

We are a small publishing company. You will receive individual attention and quick feedback. We provide an array of services in three convenient packages: 

1. How long does the average book take to be produced?
It varies on how completed the story is, the illustrator chosen, whether you want professional reviews and how many revisions are needed. On average each book is completed in 3 months. Professional reviews add 3 more months.
2. Do you promote the book?
Lauren Simone Publishing is a publishing company not a PR firm. We are planning to add a professional marketer (publicist) to our team. However, at this time, marketing is the responsibility of the author
3. How many books does an author sell?
The average author sells 250-300 books in their lifetime. A self-published author makes $1,000 per year from their books. 33% of self-published authors make less than $500 per year. 90% of self-published books sell less than 100 copies. Marketing is important to increasing sales or becoming a best selling author.
4. Do I need a literary agent?
If you are submitting your manuscript to a traditional publishing house, many publishing houses do not accept unsolicited requests. Therefore you will need a literary agent to act on your behalf. You do not need a literary agent to self publish or use a hybrid publisher. 
5. What is a hybrid publisher?

IBPA's Hybrid Publisher Criteria includes the following list of practices:

  1. Define a mission and vision for its publishing program.
  2. Vet submissions.
  3. Commit to truth and transparency in business practices.
  4. Provide a negotiable, easy-to-understand contract for each book published.
  5. Publish under its own imprint(s) and ISBNs.
  6. Publish to industry standards
  7. Ensure editorial, design, and production quality.
  8. Pursue and manage a range of publishing rights.
  9. Provide distribution services.
  10. Demonstrate respectable sales.
  11. Pay authors a higher-than-standard royalty.