Mission and Values | Lauren Simone Publishing

The mission of Lauren Simone Publishing House is to tackle the issue of lack of diversity in children's literature by being completely inclusive in terms of gender, race, nationality, religion, and ability. We publish the work of diverse authors and illustrators thereby creating literature for all to enjoy. 


  • Diversity. We seek to promote children's literature that have diverse characters in age, race, nationality, gender, and ability so that all parents and teachers can find books that their children or students will enjoy. 
  • Redefine. We seek to redefine diversity by creating inclusive publishing which includes the work of authors and illustrators of all ages, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, and ability so that our customers recognize that this publishing house is for them.
  • Envision. We envision books that are entertaining but educational books to increase the joy of reading, the love of STEM, and therefore reduce disparities in education.
  • Act. We seek to provide acceptable and satisfactory service to our clients and customers by providing efficient communication, professionalism, honesty, and transparency.
  • Manifest. We seek to manifest impact and empowerment in the communities we serve in our donation of our time, effort, talent and wealth. We have committed to giving 10% of profit from Olivia Lauren series to Charter Oak Community Cultural Center. Charter Oak Cultural Center is a vibrant multi-cultural arts center committed to doing the work of social justice through the arts. We volunteer at schools and nonprofits such as Read to a Child. We seek to hire employees in our local and national communities, rather than outsourcing internationally. 


Our vision is to improve the lives of people and communities we encounter. By raising the self-confidence of the authors and illustrators we represent; empowering the children who read our books by letting them see positive representation of themselves; and challenging preconceived narrative of  BIPOC students' worth, abilities, and talents, we hope to accomplish this vision. 


We are committed to have an impact on the world by spreading love, education, and inclusion. We will continue to provide diverse children's books, serve diverse clients, hire diverse talent, participate in mentorship program Read to a Child, and donate a portion of proceeds to a worthy organization.  We will measure our commitment to social impact in the quality and representativeness of the products sold, the diversity of clients served, vendors used, volunteer hours, and financial donations. 


Our approach to diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility was driven by the values of our founders, and it led to some amazing things! With your help, each year Lauren Simone Publishing House shares profits to nonprofit organizations (examples: Charter Oak Cultural Center and World Wildlife Fund when you purchase the Olivia Lauren and Dark Shade series); donates books to schools, libraries, nonprofits; and scholarships to deserving students. Achieving B Corp certification represents our public commitment to upholding a purpose-driven business and supporting a global economy that benefits all. We are proud to be a part of this global community, and operating as a force for good!

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