Congratulations to our LSP graduates!

Why do we wear caps and gowns for graduation?

The tradition of caps and gowns dates back to the Middle Ages at Oxford in England when academic buildings were not heated, and students and teachers wore hooded gowns daily to stay warm. Historians also believe that gowns and hoods were introduced in order to distinguish students' religious and scholarly status from the laypeople of the town in which they studied. Learn more about different things we wear in Olivia Lauren's A Guide to Things We Wear. 

book about things we wear

Speaking of graduations, our young author, Amari Bingham graduated from elementary school and was valedictorian.

Our illustrator, Zachary-Michael Clarke, graduated high school. 

Our volunteer at the Atlanta Book Fair, Madison Aiken, graduated high school.

Finally, our co-owner, Alyssa Simone, graduated college!!!!

We have so much to celebrate in 2023! Congratulations to all the 2023 graduates.

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