Have you ever had doors close on you?

Have you ever had doors close on you? Well, I have had quite a few doors closed on me for an 11-year-old. One of my many dreams is to be a Model, but when Autism comes into place, doors get closed in my face.
My mom said, "I had to be brave and keep trying; the floodgate would be open one day".
Although autism awareness was just a few weeks ago, April was my best month. An email from Bold and Grit said, "Madison, we would love to have you on May 7th as our model for the new collection." During the application process my additional information stated, "I have autism, but my autism doesn't determine my future, I do". I have always been honest every time I try out for a role.
How can you model when individuals with autism struggle with eye contact?
Yes! Eye contact is indeed an issue for individuals with Autism; when I'm in front of the camera, I transform. I have watched videos of Kendall Jenner, Gigi, and Tyra Banks, and just like a light switch, I get into the model mode.
Another issue with Autism is sensory issues. Boy, does those tags, seams, and material bother us? I have significant issues with socks; I wear them inside out. Leotard was the same issue until two years ago when Tumble Bee Miami gave me a leotard from Bold and Grit. I felt amazing. The material was soft, with no tags, the fit was exceptional, the style was off the chain, and the quotes such as " Make your dreams happen" gave me the courage to keep going even on bad days. I have been only wearing Bold and Grit leotard for the past two years.
"My disability doesn't determine my future. I do" - Madison Bishop.
My last competition leotard was not from Bold and Grit; it drove me up the wall, the sleeves, the seams on the inside, and the fit. I stuck it out and took home 1st and 2nd place. Leotard should not have sleeves- my opinion.  
So on the day of the shooting, the sky was overcast. My mom said, "Rain or Shine, you are here, and we are doing this; models have to adjust to all sorts of weather".  I got into the mindset I was here to nail this shoot. First, the cute boxes given to each girl were super cute; inside was a lip gloss, a hair tie, and a colorful highlighter, and I dare not forget the new leotards. I went off to get my hair done and changed into my leotard; here comes the rain, but I stoked it out. My hair was messy, but who cared about the hair when I was busy having fun? It was the most fun I had for 2023 so far.
There are over 1 billion individuals worldwide that have a disability. Just like a typical person, we do have dreams and desires. 1 in 44 has Autism; I will not let my disability stop me from being an author, gymnast, weightlifter, swimmer, tennis player, and model. Doors may continue to close, but if you get to know us, you will find a fantastic personality hidden. A book written by my mom inspired by myself and my brother, I MAY NOT BE LIKE YOU, BUT WE COULD BE FRIENDS" will teach us not to be so closed-minded.
Head on over to Bold and Grit to get your Leotard. I'm obsessed with their Military collection and it's not because my dad is in the Airforce. 
Happy Memorial Day!

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    Meu nome é Natan Barbosa Ferreira é um prazer em conhecer vc

  • Hope Jacobson on

    Madison: Keep on charging into life. You will change the world.

  • Yvette Phillips on

    This is such a beautiful and positive story. I pray for your continued success.

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