Lauren Simone Pubs Boards

Advisory Board 

Tanesha Bramwell-Mcken has extensive experience as an educator teaching children and adults. She is fluent in English and Spanish and has international experience having lived in Colombia, Mexico, Jamaica, U.S and Jamaica. She is a mother of two daughters, wife of a small business owner, currently a Spanish elementary teacher and translator, who is dedicated to linguistics and literacy. ​​She translates Lauren Simone Pubs' books. 



Faith Clarke

Faith Clarke is formally trained in Computer Science, Adult Education, and Psychology. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Performance Psychology, where she focuses on stress management and well-being. In addition, she is homeschooling her three children, one of whom was diagnosed with autism. She is the author of Parenting like a Ninja: An autistic mom's guide to professional productivity and the CEO and founder of Melody of Autism, which is a program to support families caring for loved ones with autism by connecting them with trained care specialists with nuanced insights into their family's needs. Designed and implemented a comprehensive curriculum for autism care specialist training and autism sensitivity training that reflects cutting edge perspectives on autism and approaches to building deep connections and facilitating learning and development in people with autism. 


  Naomie Gorham

Naomie Gorham, born in 2009, is a high level reader and lover of books. She is honest and direct concerning what she loves and hates about the characters, story content, and illustrations. She is one of the first board members to see our books before they are published and provide feedback. 

Cheryl Gorham is a mother of three who enjoys reading to her children. She is an avid reader, completed her undergraduate degree in Biology, and currently works in the legal department at an Engineering company. Combining her diverse skill set, she serves as a tremendous asset to Lauren Simone Publishing House.

matthew john

Matthew John is the father of Alyssa Simone and Olivia Lauren. He is a graduate of Fiorella H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, a school which specializes in visual arts and performing arts. As a child he enjoyed drawing, sketching, and painting. It is evident where the John sisters inherited their talent. He also studied at LaGuardia Community College and Charter Oak State College. He advises Lauren Simone Publishing House on the visual aspects of the books. When he is not advising LSP, he is with patients fitting glasses at Heights Vision Center or working on his landscape designs.

Andre Kerr is a highly motivated, result-oriented Engineering Professional with dedicated professional experience. He is a graduate of the City University of New York. He currently works at Pratt and Whitney as a Propulsion Systems Engineer. He advises Lauren Simone Publishing House regarding our STEM focused books.

Dalton L. Richards is the curator and editor of The Evolution Project: Stranger Alien Foreigner Nomad. His education includes a BA in Psychology from Mercy College in New York, but it is literature that satisfies his desired vantage point in the mind and behavior of people.  Dalton is currently working on his debut novel series, Corinthians of New and Piece of Mind a testament to his growth as an author and his passion for Fictional Drama and Anthropology. He advises Lauren Simone Publishing House on prose and style. 


Rose-Anne Uwague is an American-born Jamaican. She lived in Jamaica until she was 16 years old and then moved to New York to start college. She obtained an AAS in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality and a Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts in Business Communications by the age of 21. A few months after graduating, she moved to China to teach English. She loves languages, food, travel, and new adventures. She is a published author of two books, 7 lbs 13 ounces and Plugged In. She advises Lauren Simone Pubs on content and design. 

 Editorial Board

Sharika headshot

Sharika K. Forde has a passion for creative expression. She started jotting down notes of poetry many years ago. Her journey to self-worth began as a senior in high school when she became a teenage mother. What began as a form of personal healing, she now shares her poetry to awaken others to bare their gift.


Tamira Butler-Likely is the owner and operator of Likely Write Editing. She has been editing and proofreading documents for over 15 years. Her educational background in the biological sciences has given her a keen eye for detail. She especially enjoys editing books and essays, to ensure the authors present their best selves in their writing. ​​

Marketing Strategists

Shaneika Burchell-Kerr is a business coach and the CEO of Breakthrough to Entrepreneur (BTE Academy). As a business coach, her goal is to develop and empower Entrepreneurs by providing them with the simplest, most effective and efficient tools and resources, to achieve the best result for their business. Her main focus is on e-commerce, social media, email marketing and automation. She advises Lauren Simone Publishing House on business ventures, online marketing, and sales. 

Patrice Rivers is currently residing in Suffolk, VA. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in Mass Communications at Virginia State University.  Since she was 15, Patrice took a strong interest in writing poetry. Patrice published her first book of poetry in 2012 entitled “A Collection of God’s Word and Motivation”  and the following year published her second book “Lyrical Passion Tears from my Inkwell.”  Patrice has published a total of eight books with two of them being children’s books about a little girl living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). As a survivor and person living with SCD herself, she wanted to create not only a children’s book, but a series that will serve as an educational tool for kids and adults as well in communities.  Patrice is also the proud owner and creator of That Riverz Girl Brand, LLC which consists of different communication media including books, podcasts, magazines, literary services, and platform for Sickle Cell Disease called ‘Let’s Talk Cell Talk with Patrice Rivers.’ Her magazine Versafi Magazine was created for diverse men and women who are business owners, entrepreneurs, and authors. Currently she serves as a journalist for Lauren Simone Publishing House.