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Author Olivia Lauren's Book Trailer

Book: Gratitude Journal for Kids
Book: Gratitude Journal for Kids

Book: Gratitude Journal for Kids

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Lala and Henry Wingo

Lala and Henry Wingo Book Trailer

The Imani Ariana Collection

Imani loves STEM. Discover with Imani's Disco Balls of the Universe and all the space toys and games.

Author Imani Ariana's Book Trailer

The Madison and Elijah CoLLECTION




Besides showcasing our wonderfully, talented youth, we can share books together in the LOL Book Club, we can visit your schools, museums, or groups; we can publish your manuscripts, we can share your books in our bookstore, we can review your books or we can hire you to illustrate for us! Visit our Services menu below for more details or contact us!

Publishing Services

Lauren Simone Publishing House would like to help you publish your manuscript. We are interested primarily in children’s stories that are fun, exciting, engaging, educational, and teach children values. We accept short stories, chapter books, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

You are the author of a children's fictionchildren's nonfictionchildren’s book of poemschildren's coloring bookchildren's journal
Your manuscript has a positive and balanced view of girls and boys
has original characters and novel plot has multicultural and diverse characters.
You are not represented by an agent or already self-published.  
You are the sole and rightful owner of the manuscript and illustrations.
You live in the United States and are authorized to work.

You fit one of the following categories:​a young author (aged 8 to 25)an older author whose work is illustrated by young artists (aged 8 to 25)a parent or grandparent coauthoring with children or grandchildrenan author from an underrepresented background (race, ethnicity, ability, religion).  

How to Submit Your Manuscript
If you would like us to consider your manuscript, it is recommended that you prepare the following:
Send us the full story.  If you would like us to consider your own illustrations, please also include them in your submission.

All manuscripts should be in double line spacing and font size 12, chapters and pages also numbered. We have high regard for good presentation.

Your manuscript should be emailed to and attached as a Word Document or PDF file. Include:Full name of author and illustratorPen name, if relevantState and Country of residenceEmail and phone numberDate of birthShort biography telling us about yourself including writing accomplishments and writing goals

All submissions to LSP are confidential. We carefully consider all submissions, but because of the high volume we receive, we cannot give individual feedback or editorial guidance, but we will reply to you within 2 – 4 weeks.


Love of Literature, Inc. is a nonprofit organization aimed at increasing literacy. Under this organization is our LOL Book Club, founded by our mini author, Imani Ariana Grant. Imani hopes to build a community of children who enjoys reading and socializing to discover the world of fun through literature. The LOL book club is not just about reading.

The goals of the LOL Book Club are to:

> Expose children to age-appropriate STEM education through literature.

> Encourage children to use their imagination during learning and play.

> Foster children's learning above and beyond words by engaging in active play, adventure, and hands-on group activities. 

> Build self-confidence through group interaction, collaboration, and presentation.

> Provide opportunities and resources to aid and encourage children to increase and improve reading and writing.

> Encourage parent involvement in children’s learning, literacy, and growth.

> Learn about and from diverse groups of people.  

How To Sign Up

The LOL book club is FREE and open to all children ages 5 to 14 years old. Register here. 

If you are an author interested in being a presenter at our book club, please  register here. This is an amazing opportunity to showcase your book and share your story with our awesome readers. 

Free Resources

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