Ten Tips for Vendor Event Etiquette

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Have you been to a craft show and there is someone eating at their table? Does that bother you? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. But let us be clear, it is not a professional look for some people. So here are ten tips to help make sure you are making your brand look as professional and legitimate as possible.

1. Be polite and respectful

Make sure you say hello to everyone you meet. Introduce yourself to the event coordinator and be nice to the staff. Follow parking guidelines and ask questions if you are unsure about anything.

2. Always arrive 1 hour before the event starts.

This is a great practice to have in general. But it is especially important in the event there is traffic, you get lost, there are unexpected delays, etc.  Also you get best parking and set up location if not preassigned.

3. Do not eat or drink at your booth.

4. Do not sit the entire time.

5. Network with other vendors. Take their cards. Make purchases from them.

6. Engage with customers. Ask them their names. Learn about their interests. Share how your product may be a solution for them or someone them know. Ask them to take pictures. Ask for permission to share on your social media. Ask them to follow you on social media.

7. Build your email list. This is a great way to collect customer information (name, phone, email). Most people will not make purchases immediately. There is a certain journey.

8. Display prices. You can use price tags or display price list.

9. Stay off technology. Be in the moment. 

10. Stay until the event is over. 

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