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The Love of Literature Inc. is a non-profit organization established by our child author, Imani Ariana Grant when she was in the 5th grade. The goals are to help other kids explore fun through literature, expose children to age-appropriate STEM education through literature, provide opportunities and resources to aid and encourage children to increase and improve reading and writing and much more.

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During August 2020, Lauren Simone Publishing House and the Love of Literature Inc. hosted a one week virtual camp called Lil Authorpreneur. Each day there was a different workshop and guest speakers, who were teachers, authors, editors, illustrators, and publishers. Among these presenters were Tashia Beaty, Dr. Renae Skelton, Kristy High, LaShawn Toomer, Zoe Knibb, Yvette Phillips, Dr. Tamira Butler-Likely, Carrie Fisher, and Leslie Crawford. We had more than 24 participants from 4 countries and 10 U.S. states. 

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The first day 12 year old, Olivia Lauren John,  co-author of the Olivia Lauren Series, taught children how to write a story using the setting, characters, problem, and resolution.  J Randall assisted teaching about figurative language and other elements to the story. James Black taught how to write poetry using figurative language (alliteration, metaphors, similes,  etc.). Child illustrator, Clara-Jane Quinn taught how to illustrate a comic strip. Teresa Baker from Flint, Michigan taught about various publishing options (traditional, self, and hybrid). Imani Ariana Grant, child entrepreneur and author of Disco Balls of the Universe, The Golden Life of Sally Sunflower, and the Virtual Liftoff discussed branding. E-commerce expert, Shaneika Burchell-Kerr from Breakthrough to Entrepreneur, followed up explaining how to market yourself as an author using multiple models of business. At the end of the camp, students were offered the opportunity to become authors and illustrators. Two children from the camp signed up with Lauren Simone Publishing House and are now published authors. Amari Bingham will soon be releasing "Proskater," which is available for pre-order on our website.

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The Gordon family co-authored, Cybersecurity Explores now available on Amazon and Lauren Simone Pubs


Love of Literature Inc in association with Lauren Simone Publishing House will be hosting our second annual virtual summer camp. Do you have a child who loves story telling, poetry, and writing? This online camp will help your child develop their skills and provide an opportunity to publish in the Literature Out Loud Compilation. Registration is now open for your child. We are very excited about this program and we cannot wait to meet your kids. REGISTER NOW below for the early bird price. Limited spots available to keep class sizes small and engaging.

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