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Now that you have received all the supplies for your vending event. Here are ten things to consider before you get there.

1. Setting up booth

Plan and prepare, to get the right look for your booth:  tablecloths, signage, business cards. Keep your area clean and professional looking. Is a table and chair provided? If not, do you own your own? Do you have space in your car to put them? Do you need help to carry it? Do you own a trolley to transport your inventory and equipment? Do not forget your tent. Decorate it nicely!

pop up shops and vending

Posh vending set up

decorating inside tent at craft fair

2. Parking, directions, and registration

Do you know where you are going? Make sure you have the address of the event location saved. Make sure your phone or navigation are working. Make sure you know ahead of time how long it takes you to get there. Do you know where to park and where to set up? Print the confirmation receipt of the vending event so you have proof you are supposed to be a vendor at the event. 

3. Power and Internet

Will you have access to Wi-Fi or electricity? If not, you need to bring a portable charger and have hotspot, if needed. For night events, have a container with flashlights, batteries, and other electrical equipment.

4. Promotions

Will do you a giveaway? How will you promote it? Door entry or raffle? How will you present it? Gift bag or Gift basket. 

5. Social Media

Do you have social media? Ask your followers to follow you, take pictures with you or of your booth and post and share.

6. Branding

Where are you going to set up your banner? Do you have a company t-shirt, hat, table runner or car magnet? You want to prominently display your company name!

setting up your banner for your event

7. Products

Do you have enough inventory? How are you showcasing them? Do not lay items flat! Remember I told you to purchase shelves or display stands! Know your products and prices. How do they work? What inspired you? What problem do they solve?

display standsdisplay standsnesting stands

8. Advertising

Promote event on social media and newsletter. Do not assume the event did a good job advertising the function or location.

9.  Payment and Contact list

Do you need cash to make change for customers? Stop at the bank the day before the event to make change. Do you have a card reader? Do you have a price list?

price list display

Keep track of sales. Use a tablet or notepad to write who bought what and what quantity and payment method. 

Name Email address Purchased Amount Payment Method


Request emails but do not automatically add them to your newsletter list unless you request permission and explicitly tell them you will be adding them to your list. Send a thank you email after your event for stopping by your table.

10. Be safe, smart, healthy, and have fun

Do not neglect your health. Bring a cooler or water bottle and stay hydrated. Also bring mints so that your breath is minty fresh when talking to customers or potential clients. Wear comfortable shoes. You will be on your feet for hours. Keep a case with supplies in case of bad weather: plastic bags, umbrellas, plastic containers, etc.

Visit the last blog to make sure you have all the materials you need and check out our next blog on vending etiquette. 

Good luck!

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