Vintage Radio and Communications Museum partners with Lauren Simone Publishing House

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Can you imagine the world without radio, television, or computers? Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut offers visitors (children and adults, alike) a historic tour of electric communications from the 1800s onward. During the guided tour, they teach visitors how communication has evolved and changed our lives. As a part of a mutual interest to educate and widen the experiences of young people in the STEM fields, Lauren Simone Publishing House and Vintage Radio and Communication Museum have joined together to teach children about various ways that people communicate in an epic event called CONNECT-4-FUN!!! Below are four ways, we will connect and have fun…

  1.  Olivia Connects, written by Dr. Melissa-Sue John and her daughter, Alyssa Simone and illustrated by recent college grad, Lionel Emabat, is a children’s picture book about different modes of communication including Morse code, computers, phones, and tablets. The story will be read by the local authors and all children will receive a SIGNED COPY OF THE BOOK.
Children can choose to take pictures with the authors and Olivia Lauren, the inspiration behind the main character.

2. After “Story Time” and “Meet the author”, children will be instructed by avid educator, John Ellsworth, to BUILD A CLASSIC CRYSTAL SET RADIO. It's a fun activity that teaches how radio works, while kids and parents work together to construct a working radio that's theirs to keep. Children will gain knowledge of electronics and gain self-esteem to be able to build a working product and have it as a memento.

3. Next, families will have the opportunity to TOUR THE INTERACTIVE MUSEUM tuning radios, talking over candlestick telephones, listening to 100-year-old records to checking out Morse Code and jukeboxes.

4. After 2 hours of fun and engaging activities, children and their parents get to enjoy a pizza party, where they will discuss what they thought about the event, what they learned about different types of communication, and how it has changed their lives. 

The Vintage Radio and Communication Museum of Connecticut first opened its doors to the public in New Britain in September 1990. The museum was dedicated to the preservation of old-time communications equipment and to educating the public about their amazing history. After several location changes, the museum finalized their location with the purchase of 115 Pierson Lane, Windsor, CT. The Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut celebrated its 25th anniversary in September 2015. Fueled by volunteers who keep it alive through their love and dedication, it continues to evolve.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, April 27th at 10am. Children are $35 and parents get free admission!! Free and ample parking. Due to the technical nature of the activity, we are limiting it to children 6 and older. Please click on this link to register each child and reserve your seat. Limited seating.  

This event will also be attended by LOL Book club members. The LOL Book Club is founded by Imani Ariana Grant. Imani Ariana is a child author, Blogger, and Entrepreneur. Imani hopes to build a community of children who enjoys reading and socializing to discover the world of fun through literature. The LOL book club is not just about reading. The goals of the Love of Literature (LOL) Book Club are to:

> Expose children to age-appropriate STEM education through literature.
> Encourage children to use their imagination during learning and play.
> Foster children's learning above and beyond words by engaging in active play, adventure, and hands-on group activities. 
> Build self-confidence through group interaction, collaboration, and presentation.
> Provide opportunities and resources to aid and encourage children to increase and improve reading and writing.
> Encourage parent involvement in children’s learning, literacy, and growth.
> Learn about and from diverse groups of people.

Lauren Simone Publishing House and the LOL Book Club are proud to bring you another exciting, educational, and awe inspiring event. 


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