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Yvette Phillips was born and raised in Colleyville, a small rural town in the Island of Jamaica, West Indies. She is the oldest of eight children, including four boys and four girls, born to Edna and Dennis Duncan. Yvette is the wife of Ivan Phillips and the mother of Matthew Phillips.


As a child, Yvette had an exceptional love for reading and has always dreamed of writing a book. She attended Christian High School in Manchester. After graduation, she decided to relocate to Kingston for better opportunities. While in Kingston, she attended Rapid College of Commerce where she achieved certificates in Business Studies. 

Yvette immigrated to the United States in 2000. She attended Monroe College and achieved her Associate degree in Business Management.  In 2009, she drafted her first story, while working in the Communications field. After getting laid off from her job in October 2016, she used that opportunity to embrace her passion for writing and completed her story. 

Yvette’s goal is to write children’s book that are whimsical, innocent, brave, and captures the beautiful mind of a child and their imagination.  She published her first book entitled, The Tale of Princess Alicia, with Lauren Simone Publishing House. Her book launch was December 2018 at her home church in Bronx, NY.

Tale of Princess Alicia features a friendly, adventurous, and loving teen princess. When she faces danger, will she need to be rescued or is her determination enough to rescue herself? Only one way to find out, get a copy!



Yvette got a double feature this week. First, she was recognized by fellow author, Kathryn Hall and will go live on Saturday, March 30th.  Next, Red Clover Reader featured her on their facebook page.

Kathryn T. Hall is a blogger, Christian, wife, and mother of two children: Victoria and Matthew. She earned a BA in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University and a MA in Community Counseling from Spring Arbor University. She enjoys the arts, reading, and intimate social gatherings. She inspires, counsels and advises on interior decorating, food preparation, finances, to party planning.


She is the founder of Creative Touches Celebrations, a publishing company aimed to produce literature that celebrates life and cultural diversity! On her blog, she shares with others different authors she has met.

Red Clover Reader is an online platform hosting diverse and affordable e-books for children under 10. Each week, Red Clover features an author on their blog via an informal chat using the Google Hangout tool. Each episode is short and engaging. Visit their Facebook page and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Please help us in congratulating Yvette Phillips on her awesome chapter book and her double features by visiting these websites.

To purchase a copy of The Tale of Princess Alicia for pleasurable reading or other princess items for your children's playtime or birthday parties, visit our online gift shop.

Thank you for supporting Yvette Phillips and other upcoming children's book authors who are trying to entertain, educate, and empower the next generation.

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    Thanks for the introduction to Yvette Phillips and The Tale of Princess Alicia. It sounds like an interesting book! The princess costumes are cute too.

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