Lala and Henry Wingo get 5 stars by Readers Favorite

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Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Lala the unicorn wanted to have some adventure and she was pondering what to do. She loved exploring and trying out new things. She looked at her books for inspiration and her eyes fell on a book called Terra: The Blue Gem of the Universe. She decided to explore Earth and, thanks to her library, Lala had been to many other parts of the galaxy. Lala couldn't wait to make some new friends. Lala was magical and she used her magic to travel far and wide. She just had to imagine where she wanted to be and a huge, beautiful pink bubble appeared. It would surround her and let her go wherever she wanted. After she landed in the ocean, she met up with Henry Wingo, a narwhal. Henry was happy to make a new friend from another planet and he took her to his home in Canada. She loved his home except for the black stuff which Henry told her was oil. He told her how it was bad for the animals in the sea and was impressed with Lala's knowledge about ships. Lala asked him to join her so that she could protect him in her magical bubble and search for some people who will help them clean the oil spill.

lala 5 star

Lala and Henry Wingo by Ayana Bando, Kiya Bando, and Jordan Bando is a beautiful story for children that will create an awareness in them about protecting the environment. Oil spills are a type of pollution that occurs mostly in the ocean and they hurt the sea creatures. It is a good book for parents and tutors to help children to understand the importance of protecting the planet they live in. The illustrations by Simonne-Anais Clarke are as magical as Lala and her magical bubble and will captivate young readers. The story also becomes tangible to child readers because of the wonderful illustrations.lala giveaway

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