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Haelee P. Moone is a mature, straight forward, tell-it-like-it-is, and accomplished eighth grade, honor student. She was born in Virigina, lived in Maryland, but currently resides in North Carolina with her dad.

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Haelee's hobbies include singing, dancing, writing, drawing, and designing. She is the author of several books: The Rules of a Big Boss: A Book of Self-love, The Rules of a Little Boss, and Don’t Let it Ruin the Life of the Party! She also co-authored The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold with her father, Dedrick Moone. The Rules of a Little Boss is an illustrated manual for school aged children to develop self-esteem. This book is a personal journey of how the author overcame depression, anxiety, and betrayal sustained from bullying and assault. 

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Haelee developed a complementary clothing and accessory line under the name of the Rules of a Big Boss LLC. She hopes to use the proceeds raised by The Rules of a Big Boss LLC to assist with her aspiration to go to law school.haelee moone

Haelee has been featured on Spectrum 1 News, ABC 11 News, Fox 34 News, WBOC 16 News, on various television shows, in print magazines, and other platforms. We had a chance to interview her and get to know more about her. She shared about the journey to become an author, how she published them, and marketed them. We asked her how she handled negative reviews. She said she hadnt checked the reviews in a while, but was cognizant that everyone had the right to their own opinion. The reviews she was aware of she used to improve her writing, but didn't let it affect her personally recognizing that readers have different preferences and not all readers will be her intended audience. She shared how she became so assertive and accomplished. She said her early childhood experiences in school were not the best and she had to overcome a lot of issues concerning bullying, personal assault, and her perception of herself as beautiful. Her negative experiences led her to find her strength, defend others, and encourage others to be fully affirmed and see their own potential. If you would love to see the full interview to learn about how she overcame and triumphed, watch here.

Her books can be found in public libraries in North Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. They can also be purchased via Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Powell's Books, Target, Amazon, her website, and several black owned bookstores throughout the United States.  You can find Haelee online at: 

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