Friend Read Friday featuring Olivia Lauren's Olivia Travels

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Culture Books Literacy and Cultural Reading Program is a 501(c)3 founded in Chattanooga, TN. Their mission is to spread a message of hope, compassion, and academic excellence. America's children are the victims of the country's literacy crisis and struggle with basic reading skills at an alarming rate. Culture Books believe that a single action can make a difference and that collective action can put children on a path to lifelong success. Combining reading outreach and cultural advocacy, Culture Kids develop a love for learning and a sense of community through their dedication to bring books of culture into high risk communities. They build literacy confidence through cultural storytelling events, cultural awareness, and a literacy program.

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Erica Denise Richardson is the owner and founder of Culture Books. She loves teaching, reading, and increasing children’s literacy. She began Culture Books from being in the classroom and watching all the fun of learning be sucked out of learning. The school system was focused on test taking and making the grade.  She was saddened and wanted to make a difference and a change how students reacted to learning and reading!

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Bridging the gaps between literacy and culture, Erica invited authors, Dr. Melissa-Sue John and her daughter, Olivia Lauren John to read Olivia Lauren’s Olivia Travels: A Guide to Modes of Transportation.

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Watch the interview and listen to the story here. To learn more, contact

Erica Denise Richardson
Culture Books
FB: Culture Books Chattanooga
IG: culture_books_literacy

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