Lauren Simone Pubs, a Level Company

Businesses that address the needs of their community and of our shared planet deserve a fair shot. We must acknowledge the imbalances in entrepreneurship and actively level the field in order to build a more inclusive and just economy. That is why B Lab U.S. & Canada strives to support businesses facing systemic challenges to economic empowerment through their Level program.

To be a participants, businesses

  • must be led and/or owned by Black, Indigenous or People of Color who also identify as women
  • have a basic familiarity of — better yet, some progress through — the B Impact Assessment
  • familiar with and willing to adopt the legal requirement as part of B Corp Certification
  • must be based in the U.S. or Canada and has been in operation for at least 12 months

Businesses led by Black, Indigenous or People of Color who also identify as women work alongside B Corp Certification consulting firms through the B Corp Certification process. Level provides participating businesses with resources needed to: measure and improve their impact, tell their story, adopt legal stakeholder governance, and certify as a B Corp. And we all co-create and learn along the way. 

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