Autism Awareness - Two is better than one

Social media has two sides: the good and the bad, but I'm always looking for the good. While scrolling through Instagram, I came across the More Than Super Special (MTSS) page showcasing a beautiful bathing suit. As I clicked on the page; I learned that a 12-year-old Autistic girl created such a masterpiece. 

Paola is a nonverbal Autistic girl who finds her voice through drawing. I'm curious if you read my first book, Madison Explores Paint; if you did, you would realize that Paola and I have something in common: we use Art to express ourselves. Not only do we both love Art, but we also live in South Florida and love the beach.

One summer, Paola attended Shake-A-Leg summer camp, which included many water activities. The fun experience inspired Paola to craft her swimsuit with her artwork. Her creation caught a lot of attention at the summer camp, so with the help of her family, they started a small business using Paola's fun and unique designs.

As I followed Paola's journey, I wondered about a collaboration. So, I reached out to her mom, Rosi, who was incredible and welcoming to my idea. We began creating the design for 2024 Autism Awareness Month. I was already obsessed with her heart-shaped swimsuit, so we added my quote with a heat puzzle piece on the already created swimsuit. 

Once I received the actual swimsuit, I could not stop smiling. It was my quote on the swimsuit and the soft material used to create it. I was worried about sensory issues, but Rosi nailed it. The double-layered front with the UPF 50 and the tear-away care label made me the happiest girl alive. 

April 1-30 is Autism Awareness Month, and April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. This swimsuit symbolizes removing barriers between an autistic child and their ability to shine in the world. Paola is an artist, and I am an Athlete; together, we created this unique swimsuit for awareness because our disability does not define our future. 


About the author

Madison Bishop, born June 3, 2011, is a talented kid. She enjoys writing stories, blogging, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, modeling, and painting. Madison and her brother, Elijah both share a passion for learning and creativity. They have big imaginations and it comes out in their storytelling. The sibling love and support of each other is unconditional, Elijah inspires Madison’s art work and Madison inspires Elijah’s creative thought process. Their love and dedication for each other has fueled their goals and aspirations. Together they created the Madison and Elijah series.Madison and her brother were also featured in I May Not Be Like You, But We Could Be friends, a book that celebrates diversity. 

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