Dr. John is now a reSET mentor!

Hey LSP blog readers! I have some exciting news to share.

Yesterday, Wednesday June 14, 2023, I (Dr. John) was invited to the reSET Speed Matchmaking event! The event was held from 5pm to 7pm, at the Hartford Public Library, Park Street Library Branch, located at 603 Park Street in Hartford, CT. Participants in a retail accelerator had 8 minutes to share their elevator pitch and share what they needed help with in regard to mentorship. Mentors listened carefully, asked thoughtful questions, and shared advice with the mentors. Next steps are for mentees to share their preference for mentors and meet a few times of month for advice. 

What is reSET?

reSET was founded in 2007 to help traditional businesses incorporate social impact into their business model. They believe that every business can consciously improve society while being financially successful. In 2014, reSET was instrumental in the B Corp Legislation for the state of CT, which protects companies who prioritize impact in addition to profits. Today, reSET serves over 250 entrepreneurs each year. Their foundational entrepreneurial programs allow us to help startups along a spectrum of growth. From ideation to launch, their goal is to create social enterprises through their Food Incubator, Student Incubators, Workshops, and Mentor Network support. They propel social enterprises to scale and embed impact in their business model, through the Impact Accelerator, access to capital, and consultative partnerships. Finally, they aim to change the norm by advocating among policymakers and the public, provoking thought leadership, and advancing Impact Investing. I was a participant in their 2022 Impact Accelerator and placed 1st place in their pitch competition at the CT Science Center.

 reset impact accelerator winner

I have learned so much having been in the Girls for Technology, reSET, Goldman Sachs, and Realist Lab accelerators. I was honored to give back to an organization that had given so much to me. 

reset mentor

You too can become a mentor!

The reSET Mentor Network provides an opportunity to use your professional skills, creativity, and unique life perspectives to advise and develop startups. Becoming a reSET Mentor sharpens your critical thinking skills, helps you further develop your professional network, contributes to the economic revitalization of CT, while helping local entrepreneurs who are just starting out on their journey. Learn more here

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