Dark Shade the Determined Dragon launches!

It was Dr. John's first time in Seattle, WA and it was for an exciting reason. Her authors, Emmy Cross and Ander Cross were celebrating the launch of their first book, Dark Shade. 

Dark Shade The Determined dragon adopts animals to save them

These kids have one goal in mind: TO SAVE ENDANGERED SPECIES:

Adopt 5,000 Endangered Species Animals by May 2024.

Adopt 50,000 Endangered Species Animals by May 2028.

Hardcover books sold for $21.99 will donate $2.19 to adopt animals and paperback books sold for $14.99, $1.49 per book will be donated.

The event occurred on the third Friday of May as it is National Endangered Species Day. It was hosted at the beautiful Carnegie Foundation in Snohomish, WA.

It was attended by children and adults who were entertained with Lego contests and coloring contests.

They won stuffed animals that were cleverly hidden in a home made palm tree. 

Delicious sugar cookies featuring the dragon fly and Dark Shade were provided for sale. 

It was a great day spent. Several guests came throughout the day to support endangered species with their purchase of Dark Shade The Determined Dragon.

The winners were contacted and their favorite animal was adopted.

You can support an endangered animal with a purchase of a copy of Dark Shade the Determined Dragon at https://darkshadedragon.com/help-us-help-them/

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