Udon noodles, Shaved Ice, and Parrots

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Sunday was a laid back day. I was exhausted. I overslept and missed breakfast and a chance to attend church on the beach. By the time I finally got up I joined my husband to help with the laundry. He wanted to make the most of our penultimate day and I wanted to listen to my body which was shouting "relax!" Since I wasn't going to pay anyone to give me a massage, I just slept! He went on a tour of China town. 
I figured I'd stay in for the morning and do a luau at night until I compared prices. $75 and up per person!!! 
So scrapped that idea, grabbed a final lunch with my big sister at this udon cafeteria style restaurant.

Everyday noodles are made fresh and in house, cool, right?

Chefs worked side my side preparing the meals and there were 15 different styles.
I had the curry and everyone else had the regular broth with tempura sides. By now I learned tempura means deep fried in I think an egg batter. My body rejects the smell and taste of fried stuff now.

I had a list of about ten things we had to eat. Two were left: a steak on egg and rice and shaved ice. The former didn't sound appealing and I'm convinced my cholesterol went up due to the continental breakfast so we went for shaved ice which is like Jamaican snowball.
They have tons of different flavors and it costs for $4 something plus tax. It's large  so he recommended sharing. We did but its not such a great idea in my opinion...

It's probably best to use a spoon than a straw because ice doesn't like traveling up a straw and by the time it melts it looks gross. I didn't care much for it but I don't eat ice so I'm a lil bit of an oddity. When I order water I say no ice and lemon. I don't know what ice ever did to me lol! 

We saw a bunch of birds just chilling in the corner. We never noticed it before. You can pay $1 for a picture of the bird or $15 to take your picture with the birds. You get 10 photos. As you can see I took pics long before I read the sign so we said no thanks. Very soon we go back to reality--mortgages, car insurance, $5 per gallon gas, school uniforms, etc.
Melanie tried on a bird for size though lol!

We headed back to the hotel and Melanie left for the airport. I was sad to see her go. Next it's our turn...

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