Ten things you need to get ready for your events

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So you opened a business and are looking for vending opportunities? Before you do, make sure you do the following so your business looks professional and credible.

1. Business Cards and card holder

business cards

2. Tent


This was the first tent I purchased. It was 8x8 and I quickly realized I didn't have much room under it. It protected inventory from rain or heat. But I am upgrading to a customized tent, like this


3. TablechairsTablecloth, and Table runner

There are many options for table cloths. I use a 6ft black stretch cloth. Choose one that is wrinkle free, covers the entire table, easy to keep clean, and matches or compliments your banner and logo colors. Get a customizable table runner that showcases your companies name, logo, website, phone, and social media.

4. Auto magnet sign or bumper stickers

Brand awareness from the time you leave your house to the moment you get the event shows you are serious about your business. 

5. Retractable Banner

retractable banner

6. Paper bags

Some states require you to pay 10c on plastic bags. To avoid that fee and state tax, go paper! It is better for the environment anyway.

7. Promo materials such as buttons, pens, bookmarks, key rings, hand sanitizer, stickers, etc. 


8. Display shelves or racks for books, pamphlets, jewelry, and inventory

book display

9. Cash box or Apron

10. Card reader for phone or tablet

There are many options including Square and Paypal

I have used the following companies for my supplies and have been very proud of the quality and customer service. 





Click on the links above to go directly to my supplier! When I started 5 years ago, I was not aware of the many Black owned businesses in existence. If you want to patron Black owned businesses to help close the economic gap, that is a great idea! Here are some that I found in a Facebook group I am in:

ARB Boss Marketing

Creative Soulz Printing

Envisone Designs

Pixel Play

The Creative Consultant

 Please shop around and compare prices. Read reviews. Good luck!

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    Such a great article. Helpful for planning a pop up event. Thanks for putting this together

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