Olivia Lauren and Dr. Melissa-Sue John featured on the Black Children's Reading Lounge

On Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 7 pm, Olivia Lauren and Dr. John had the opportunity to read had the opportunity to read to black children before their bedtime, promote and sell their books. 
Black Children's Reading Lounge
They read their newest title, Olivia Lauren's A Guide to Animal Habitats.
Animal habitats
The Liberated Minds Institute and iReadify extended a special invitation to the authors to hang out with progressive Black children and families from across the country and around the globe. They host this every Sunday from 7-7:30 pm EST.
The goal is to embark on a journey of interactive fun, laughter, and excitement! Families and children attend a virtual reading lounge for story time and book discussion.
The Children's Reading Lounge began with the singing of the Black Anthem by 3 Young Kings. Then the moderators read Dr John's bio. Then Olivia read and children asked very insightful questions about the story, being an author, and owning a business. 
Reading together is a great way to build competence and confidence through literacy while fostering family relationships and a love of learning. It was a great way to spend a Sunday night. 

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