Learning Spanish the kids way!

“Nina’s Journey in Espanol: En la casa” written by Dr. Nina Reed and her daughter, Nina Grace and illustrated by Katherine Makartichan is a wonderful children’s book.

The book has diverse characters and is very educational. Children will learn how to say numbers from one to twenty, the alphabet, colors, and the months of the year in English and Spanish. In addition, they will learn emotions, verbs, and names of family members.

This is a great book to encourage young children to learn a new language. My daughter, Olivia Lauren and I, Dr. John thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to parents who value learning languages. Studying another language has a host of benefits. It enhances listening skills and memory. By learning Spanish, you will be better able to communicate with Spanish speakers. Latinx accounts for almost 20% of the US population. Latin American countries are one of our trading partners. Being able to speak Spanish greatly enhances your resume. If you are bilingual, you are more competitive in the workplace. This book allows parents the ability to give their children the first step to their foreign language journey. The earlier the better.

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