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Lauren Simone Publishing House recently consigned their books to The Literacy Shop owned and operated by Leslie Crawford. Leslie was a substitute teacher at a Baltimore County school, where she had several conversations with her students who expressed to her they disliked reading because the books they read didn’t relate to them. From this one conversation, Leslie's love of writing and her passion for literacy led to the creation of The Literacy Shop. The Literacy Shop’s goal is to get children excited about reading again by promoting books focused on literacy, self-esteem, confidence, and understanding reading can be cool. The Literacy Shop seeks to create and promote products that will lead children and youth back to the love of reading. We will strive to offer various products and services to help fight the reading literacy problems many kids are facing. The Literacy Shop is based off the love of reading and writing and will always remain honest and geared towards helping children and youth of all ages.

 The Literacy Shop

 Leslie did her research and stumbled on Lauren Simone Publishing House, whose mission much aligned to her own. The two decided to partner on an Instagram Live event to promote Olivia Lauren’s books. Joined by Olivia Lauren, a child author and the inspiration behind the Olivia Lauren series, they spoke about what inspired them to write, the mood created to write, and what they learned about themselves as they write.

Olivia Lauren  Melissa-Sue John and her daughter Olivia Lauren The Literacy Shop features Olivia Lauren and Melissa-Sue John


The event closed with a story reading of Olivia Connects. If you missed it, get a copy today! Shout out to the illustrator, Lionel Emabat, who is a huge asset to the company. 

 Olivia Lauren Olivia Connects

Lauren Simone Publishing House is very happy to have met another kindred spirit. Thank you Leslie for hosting us on your feed. We wish you so much success.

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