Humming Bird, Spitalfields Market, Regents Park, and Brown Sugar

So as I anticipated, I worked everyday the last week and was unable to go to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brighton and HoveDoverCalais, Paris or anywhere out of London for that matter. I also wanted to see my friend, Joe Sweetman in Cardiff. Oh well. Around 10:30 am, Dominic and I head to Nido to meet the students one last time. They need to sign their forms so we can submit their grades.

 While I am meeting with the students Matthew takes the girls to Humming Bird, a really expensive and posh looking American bakery.

When I am done, we head over to Spitalfields Market. When I hear market I think cheaper than the stores. Nah, not like that. Its more like getting vintage, hand crafted, unique items for a decent but not cheap price. So I got some souvenirs there and a few specialty items there for myself- nothing to write home about.
Afterwards the girls and I take Matthew to Wagamama's our absolute favorite Japanese Noodle Bar.

Olivia said "Look at me, I am drinking like an old lady"LOL, the things this child says.

 We are served by an American from California who is in Britain during his Masters in transnational communication and fell in love with a Canadian who lives in Britain as well, so now he doesnt know where he wants to live after he finishes his degree but hates British winters. How do I know all of that? I've got charm. People talk to me, lol! All the time...

When we were leaving Olivia missed her step and fell down the stairs.

 I was quite panicked, but she's tough she was ok. Matthew picked her up and carried her. Once she settled down, we browsed the market some more and listened to some live instrumentals and singing. 
Where shoudl we go next we thought. Where about havent we been? We haven't been to Camden Town, Regents Park and London zoo, and Battersea Park. So we chose Regents Park. We got their quickly and the trains werent very packed. The place was huge! The sun came out just as we got there but parts of the skies didnt look very promising. 

We spotted a kids park and I told them to race. Olivia fell again. Not sure why she was so clutzy today.

After we walked the park, we walked to Baker's Street, passed Madam Tussaud's. 

and bought more souvenirs. 

Stacy called and said she was near my home but I was 20 minutes away and told her not to wait. I wish I had!! Miss you Stacy.
 Then I went to Sainsbury supermarket and told Matthew and the kids not to wait. I promised to buy my neighbor something and still hadnt. I wanted to see if I could get it cheaper elsewhere. But with one day left, I just got it. Alyssa ran in the supermarket and told me that her dad said to  buy french bread. I told her to get it and waited in line for her. She never showed. I walked the whole supermarket and couldnt find her. Why is it that 7 weeks of no drama and the day before one child almost ends up in emergency room and the other ends up missing? I asked the attendant to call her on loud speaker. No Alyssa. I went and got the bread and walked home. I called the house several times and no one answered. I got home and of course everyone was home safe and sound. Praise be to God.

I got home and started to pack the remaining items. My high school friends, Stacy and Allison bought us a few things to remember our time in London: t-shirt, bag, and tea mugs.
 Ms. Clover bought my sisters and I recipe books, bought Matthew a herbal book, gave me a Time Out London travel guide book, bought Alyssa Whimpy Kid 6 book volume, bought us Ferrero Rocher chocolate 

(that we devoured on the plane), a serving tray, bought the girls fashion accessories (hair clips and tons of jewelry), candy and jacks, her coworkers bought me House of Parliament wrist bands, refrigerator magnet, lens cloth, etc., I got 2 cans of ackee, and the man from the West Indian grocery store sent me an onion, she said, lol! My cousin Julene bought the girls London pens. Loads of goodies. Thank you so much family and friends for being so good to us! Your kindness will never be forgotten.

After looking at our beautiful souvenirs, we eat dinner that Ms. Clover brought us. She brought delicious fried fish made by a Barbados chef. Alyssa, Shan, and Kiki refused. Matthew, Kelly, Olivia and Alana devoured the fish. Olivia loves fish and so does Alana. Here I am feeding Alana.

Shortly after, Andrew, my cousin's boo shows up and we get dressed and ready to hit the town. First I say good bye to my lil cousin

 and take pics with Ms. Clover

 Kiki hails a cab and we are on our way to had high ratings from Time Out London...

 We stay for a while and dislike the music and the atmosphere so we leave and head to Brown Sugar. Guess we went on a bad night or showed up too early. Who knows? We wait for Candace and Steven to join us.

 They played 80 music and slowly got more recent. Some songs were more familiar than others. The music was a little disjointed in terms of flow, but what do I know about deejaying?  I went to talk to the dj and let him know that I was leaving tomorrow and requested reggae. I specifically asked for Beenie, Bounty or Kartel. A few moment later, when he had come into the 2000s, he played  one Sean Paul song which was fine, but followed it up with a rockers right after. I busted out laughing. The dj was a mess.  But people danced and had a good time anyway. Check out the group infront of Kiki and Andrew. We called them the pocket book krew. They put their bags in the middle of circle and danced around it. I saw one member of the pocket book krew go outside to use her asthma inhaler. I guess she got too excited. The same lady came to me and told me I looked hot. Cant decide if she just liked my dress or if she was hitting on me.

 After gathering enough pics for my blog to be able to comment on the night life in London, I was ready to go.

 Nice meeting you Andrew (really appreciate you coming out, I know how hard you work) and I love you Steven, Candance, Shan, and Kiki.Thanks all for coming out and making Matthew and I's last night a success.
 We walked home from Brown Sugar. I stayed in an awesome location. Before I went in, I had to take a pic with the Olympic car. After all I was dressed for the occasion. LOL!

 I would not be able to pose if someone held a gun to my head...real idiot. But Kiki have it down packed! Watch how mi stiff like board...
 I had to finish packing and I wanted to relieve the "sitters." Ms. Clover and Kelly watched the kids for us. Aww, the kids had a mini sleep over camp! Ms. Clover got them to sleep by saying who first fell asleep would win a prize. LOL!

It was an awesome night!

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