Hartford Public Library presents Hartford LIT All things Lit Live!

Hartford Public Library presents Hartford LIT All things Lit Live!

Hartford’s Everything L.I.T. (Literary Integrated Trailblazers) Virtual Programming event will be live on September 19th from 10 am until 5 pm. All zoom events will stream on Harford Public Library’s Facebook page.  Registration is free on Eventbrite, so if anyone is interested in participating, you may visit the page to register.

This event is a mixture of information in the literary community for celebrating the craft of writing, the business of books, and the beauty of literature. The event will contain workshops, literary discussions, and readings, a panel discussion where writers and publishers meet, local author highlights, featured poets, bookstore highlights, and more!

Hartford L.I.T. is a group of authors, diverse artists, and entrepreneurs.  The focus point of this group is literacy, literary productions, entrepreneurial building, and networking within Hartford communities.

 Our very own Melissa-Sue John. Ph.D. will be among one of the panelists in the Where Publishers & Writers Meet  Discussion moderated by T’challa Williams. This segment begins at 1030am. 

 For registration, please visit the website below!


To learn more about the agenda and more about the event, please visit the website. 



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