Book Review for “A Guide for the Things We Wear”

Review by Patrice Rivers


The cover of Olivia Lauren’s A Guide to Things We Wear is very colorful, informative, and consists of diverse representations of what people wear daily. In many cultures, different clothing or head accessories represent various things where they are from. The title of the book itself is eye-catching and raises your curiosity to think about what the book is about. Overall, authors Olivia Lauren and Melissa-Sue John, Ph.D., did an amazing job describing the different types of clothing throughout the book. The storyline was in sync and well described. This is really an educational book. As I was reading it, I realized that some of the articles of clothing and accessories from the different cultures particularly in Japan, Pakistan, and among Indigenous people were com[letely new to me. The book truly gives a nice summary of each culture’s customs in the form of their dress and traditions.

“The things we wear serve a purpose. We wear things for expression, protection, or tradition”

I like this phrase at the beginning of the book because this is so true! What we wear may serve a purpose, to express ourselves or for preserving our tradition. In America, diversity among us is so extensive and we sometimes don’t really pay attention to who is around us. Everything we wear serves a purpose. What you wear expresses your identity as well. This whole book demonstrates everything necessary for what types of apparel are called and the meaning of it. Children get to learn and enjoy the wonderful pictures on each page which a great job of depicting what each piece of clothing is. A great book to enjoy as well as for the adults as well!



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Patrice Rivers is a journalist currently residing in Suffolk, VA. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in Mass Communications at Virginia State University.  Since she was 15, Patrice took a strong interest in writing poems. Patrice’s published her first book of poetry in 2012 entitled “A Collection of God’s Word and Motivation”  and the following year published her second book “Lyrical Passion Tears from my Inkwell”.  Patrice has now published over eight books, a magazine called Versafi Magazine, and has a podcast. Currently, she serves as a blogger for Lauren Simone Publishing House.

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