Twenty Alternate Book Fairs for Diverse Schools

Lauren Simone Publishing House strongly opposes the recent move by Scholastic Book Fairs to separate books addressing issues of race, gender, and sexuality in response to the increasing number of book bans and challenges nationwide. In their official statement, Scholastic erroneously claims that their only options were to segregate these books or to not include them at all. Rather than stand firmly with BIPOC individuals, they have pandered to those calling for book bans. 

Our society is characterized by diversity, and students cannot change or opt out of their own diverse identities; it's an intrinsic part of their lives. Factors such as skin color, sexuality, and the bodies we are born into are not choices. When corporations, governments, or individuals yield to the demands of a vocal minority, it's the children who bear the brunt of the consequences. This decision adversely affects all children by denying them the chance to explore narratives and experiences that differ from their own.

Book fairs are organized by various companies and organizations across the United States. Here is a list of 20 book fair companies in the U.S. as an alternative to Scholastic: 

  1. A Children's Place Bookstore
  2. Abrams Book Fairs
  3. Anderson's Bookfair Co.
  4. Barnes & Noble Bookfairs
  5. Book Bazaar
  6. BookPal
  7. Christian Book Fair
  8. First Book
  9. Follett Book Fairs
  10. Hicklebee's Bookstore
  11. Inklings Bookshop
  12. Literati Book Fairs
  13. Love My Library Book Fairs Reimagined
  14. Lowry's Books and More
  15. Phoenix Book Company
  16. Rainbow Book Company
  17. Righton Books
  18. The Bookworm
  19. The Reading Warehouse
  20. Usborne Books & More

Please note that the availability and prominence of these book fair companies may vary by region, and the landscape of book fairs may change over time.

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