Librarians react to Scholastic's Option to opt in or out of diverse book selections

According to a blog written by Kara Yorio of the School Library Journal on October 17, 2023, librarians seek book fair alternatives to Scholastic Book Fairs.

Amanda Jones, a highly regarded middle school librarian in Louisiana, had been hosting Scholastic Book Fairs at her school for nine years but decided not to continue for the tenth year. Her decision came after a disappointing interaction with her Scholastic representative. During a meeting with her representative, she was presented with the option to include a "Share Every Story" case of books featuring diverse authors and characters in her book fair. Amanda eagerly agreed to opt-in for this option. However, the representative asked her again if she was sure, and Amanda confirmed her decision once more.

"Share Every Story, Celebrate Every Voice" is a new collection of books provided by Scholastic Book Fairs as an "add-on" selection for librarians to include in their book fairs or decline. This collection comprises around 60 titles, including books about notable figures like Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, Rep. John Lewis, and Ruby Bridges, as well as works by authors such as Kwame Alexander, Juana Martinez-Neal, Chelsea Clinton, and Colin Kaepernick. Scholastic has raised concerns that these books might put educators or volunteers at risk of violating local laws.

Amanda Jones, who has been dealing with harassment and legal battles due to her advocacy for the freedom to read in a public library hearing, is just one of many librarians who are unhappy with Scholastic's recent decisions and actions.


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