Author Spotlight: Rosamond White

Rosamond (Roz) White celebrated the publishing of her book Home, Where is Home? back in May. Since then she has been busy making an even bigger name for herself in the greater Hartford area. 

Roz was recently named a Grand Marshal for the 60th celebration event. Some traits considered when selecting a grand marshal was culture, service and grit. This includes promoting West Indian culture and growth; dedicating support and service to the Greater Hartford community; and living an exemplary life marked by courage, strength, and resilience. Being name Grand Marshal is a distinguished honor and one rightfully deserved by Roz! 

Being named Grand Marshal isn’t the only thing Roz has been up to. You can also catch her in an episode of “Where Art Thou?” where she guides the shows host Ray, through East Hartford.

She introduces him to Andre Rochester and Grace Wright (pictured above), both of whom are using their respective art forms to tell a story of culture, struggle, and triumph. Be sure to catch Roz, Andre, and Grace on the latest episode! 
Lauren Simone Publishing wanted to take the time to highlight Roz’s accomplishments and congratulate her on her continued success! 

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