Scholastics Opt in or Opt out option to school book fairs

Scholastic, the company known for its popular Book Fairs in elementary schools, is making a significant change this year. They have created a new collection called "Share Every Story, Celebrate Every Voice," which includes 64 books focusing on topics related to race and LGBTQ+ themes. These books are being separated from the main Book Fair offerings, allowing elementary schools to decide whether to include them or exclude them from their book fairs. This decision comes in response to the targeting of such titles by conservative legislators in various states.

Scholastic's intent in creating this collection is to provide "diverse titles" at their book fairs while adhering to laws that have made it challenging for educators and volunteers. The company stated that these laws put them in a difficult position, where they must either withdraw these titles from their fairs or risk putting teachers, librarians, and volunteers at the risk of being fired, sued, or prosecuted. The move is aimed at striking a balance between offering diverse and inclusive literature and avoiding potential legal repercussions.

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