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After the announcement on April 30th that Imani Ariana's Disco Balls of the Universe received the high honor of a FIVE STAR review from Readers’ Favorite, we have just learned that two of the Olivia Lauren’s Book Series illustrated by teen illustrators, Simonne-Anais Clarke and Zachary-Michael Clarke featuring main character, ten year old, Olivia Lauren also received FIVE STARS. Two days later, we found out that another of the Olivia Lauren series illustrated by youth illustrator, Niquey also earned the honor!!

We proudly announce Occupations A to Z: A Guide to Jobs and CareersOlivia Travels,  and A Guide to Things We Wear received five star reviews from Readers' Favorite

A hearty thank you to the reviewers at Readers’ Favorite, which is a company ran by authors serving all authors whether a new indie author, best selling author or represented by a new or well-known publishing house. They have received the “Best Websites for Authors” and “Honoring Excellence” awards from the Association of Independent Authors.

Mamta Madhavan from Readers' Favorite says the author of Occupations A to Z
“...makes it interesting and engaging to readers with colorful illustrations that grab readers' interest. The information provided is accurate and will encourage children to have conversations with their parents, teachers, and adults on different occupations and their ambitions...Informative books like this should be introduced to children at an early age, as it is good for them to enhance their knowledge. This book is a great way to introduce various occupations in an easy and simple manner.”
A Guide to Things We Wear
“ a fun read that explores the things we wear and the illustrations are a delight. The book is an excellent guide to learn about the different types of attire worn at different times, occasions, and by different cultures....The book has all the information and it is a wonderful tool that educators and tutors can use in classrooms to teach students about the things people wear...The book is well written and will appeal to readers from all age groups.”
And of Olivia Travels
"The authors’ approach to the topic is engaging and entertaining, and they explain to readers how each mode of transportation works and how it can give a feeling of satisfaction. The book speaks about road, rail, sea, and air transport, and the bright and colorful illustrations do full justice to their words and the concept...There are so many ways to make learning interactive and interesting, and this book will help children enjoy learning about different modes of transportation. I would definitely recommend it for school libraries and personal collections as it can be read many times and can also be used for reference."
Get your copy of Occupations A to Z, Olivia Travels, and A Guide to Things We Wear today! View the full review on Barnes and Noble and see what the fuss is about. 



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