Powerful with Bridgette Brown Jackson episode 231

It’s hard to walk in your purpose, when you doubt your ability and afraid or discouraged. Join each Sunday as Dr. Brigitte Brown Jackson, an enthusiastic and gregarious execution coach and leadership strategist, interviews guests who are managing their own super powers, and helping people understand the power within while being uniquely themselves. From week to week, she’s holding those conversations to help listeners be even more POWERFUL! Brigitte is an Ordained Educator and loves disseminating applicable knowledge. 
This week Dr. Brigitte Brown Jackson, former educator and current Leadership Strategist & Execution Coach of Exponential EduVentures interviewed Dr John on her podcast Powerful. You can listen now and share with any family and friends by using the link below: 
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powerful podcast with Dr melissa-sue John
Leave a comment. What did you think of the interview? Did you learn anything new about the speaker or yourself?

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