Parasailing and snorkeling in Hawaii

I am sore to the bone. My butt and back muscles hurt from the canoe and my feet hurt from the hike. And I'm dizzy from being out on the sea all day. And let's not even talk about how sunburned I am. My legs look like BBQ chicken. Lol!
Yesterday we had the same thing for breakfast then took a free shuttle to Ala Mona Blvd. of course nothing in life is free. This company called Hilo Hattie makes beautiful authentic Hawaiian outfits n shoes n carry ton of souvenirs run a free shuttle and drop you at the major tourist spots. But the catch is they take you to the store first with no obligation to buy and then take you where you want to go. The shuttle runs every 30 min. So we got to the store n loved everything but were strong minded and said we wouldn't buy. We all bought something n then went in line for their free ice tea that cost us to miss the free shuttle lol! The shuttle driver was hilarious. She gave us information about the area as we toured along. Told us where to go and not go.
 The clock above we drove by it and she said we should go to the top for a great view and not to worry bc it had elevators not stairs lol. She said China Town was cool but leave before dark and told the women to not let our husbands out of our sight because China Town has Halloween every night and not the type of treats we want for our husbands. She told us about a term "houle houle" which means "here and there" and said if our husbands say they ate going to buy milk they are lying, they are houle houle ie going everywhere. She told us to call her Aunt Fran! She told us about these million dollar condos and said one is called "one expensive" and the other "too expensive" she asked us how could anyone afford to live there and a person said "sell drugs". She was like "you said it not me" she told us about the night life. Sadly I can't stay up pass 9pm here bc of time difference so despite my best attempt I didn't get to check it out to tell you all about it.
We hailed a cab and it cost $10. The driver was saved (I know this bc I asked) and played some awesome Christian worship songs. 
We got to the harbor, checked in, showed our groupons, paid the taxes, used the restroom and then our captain called us to the boat so we could parasail. The captain was hilarious.

He made jokes about bad shoots, sharks, missing limbs and broken harnesses. Most of us had a sense of humor so we got it but one passenger was frightful! So he volunteered me, Matthew n my sister to go first. It was amazing! The view was breathtaking and the experience unforgettable. So glad we did it. He dipped us in the ocean on purpose and took a knife out and put it near the rope to scare us. They took our pics and gave us the Sd card with over 50 pics for $30. 

Then we went to eat at a really nice Thai restaurant near a shaved ice store. 
Our waiter Dustin was tall good looking and so nice. Our meal came n I didn't want it bc it was fried and he switched it for free. Everything was yummy!! Second meal we enjoyed in 4 days lol! 

Then we went to TJMaxx- best one ever. They carried more than Calvin Klein n Michael Kors. They had a $999 Marc Jacobs dress- beautiful! And they had tons of designer for affordable prices. I got a Adrienne vitadini suitcase for $30. If I was superficial I would have racked up no lie! But mi have mi picney dem school uniform and lessons to pay for- that's my priority. 
We then headed back to the harbor to snorkel. I did it before in Bahamas n loved it so I wanted to do it again. It wasn't at all what I thought n the experience entirely different.
The guys were courteous n professional and gave us necessary gear but my first experience gave us suits, life jackets (not noodles) and more one on one attention. So needless to say I didn't leave the comfort of being right by the boat. Matthew swam out further and saw a sea turtle. All I saw was cloudy water and black fishes. I didn't feel like I was floating n my legs were tired n I flight silly in the flippers so I came back on the boat first. I was disappointed in myself. I was very proud of Matthew. Later some seasick people boarded. One had ear complaints, two threw up and two had tummy aches. Matthew then returned and the final set came back saying it was much harder than it looks. Matthew and I were glad we did it but agreed we wouldn't do it again until we were expert and in shape swimmers. 
Afterwards we went to Nordstrom rack. I got jeans for $10-30!!! Lucky, Michael Kors, Viv, etc. I got lucky bc everything else was over $100!! Like true religion etc. I tried on some dresses that were under $20 (Guess, Jessica Simpson, BCBG) but didn't like the fit. Sometimes I wish I was shameless. I mean you know some people don't look good in something but wear it anyway and with confidence. I wish I was like that-sometimes, lol! On the boat every woman had a two pic swim suit and they didn't care if they had a muffin top, stretch marks, hair bumps, freckles, sunburn, pale skin, hairy skin or whatever. When I was younger I thought it was a darn shame but now I actually admire them. You have very little control over how you look (exercise and healthy eating go but so  far). You have to love the skin you are in! 
We were famished so we got some more tasteless food then waited for the bus, returned to the hotel, showered and went to bed. 

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