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Carylee Carrington is a mom to 2 boys, author, entrepreneur, and literacy advocate living in Northern Virginia. Motivated by her mom, the late Dr. Norma McPherson, who was a literacy coach, Carylee set out to bring the love of reading to as many children as she could.

Her approach to writing children’s books comes from the inspiration of children around her. Her debut book, entitled “Everyone, Just Like Me” was one that was inspired by her oldest son. Carylee aims to inspire children to embrace their differences and to respect the differences of others. With her book, “Pretty Hair” Carylee teaches young girls to find their own kind of beautiful, knowing that there is not just one type of hair that is pretty.

Carylee is an advocate for the arts. She has visited schools encouraging the love of reading and the art of writing. Carylee has taken her love of sharing books to YouTube in her new show, The Read With Carylee Show, where she introduces children to children’s book authors.

Carylee hopes to continue to bring inspirational books to children, which will motivate them to embrace differences and create a kinder future. On Saturday, July 18, 2020, she met with Olivia Lauren and Melissa-Sue John over Zoom. They read Olivia Lauren's A Guide to the Things We Wear. The episode will air early fall. Stay tuned for more details.


 “I really would implore our Black parents to please support our Black authors, because, you know, if we’re not getting support from you, you know, it’s gonna be hard to get support from anyone else.” – Carylee Carrington, author

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Pretty Hair Carylee Carrington


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