Lauren Simone Publishing at the 2022 Venture Showcase

On Thursday June 23rd, our very own Dr. John represented Lauren Simone Publishing House at the 2022 reSET Venture Showcase. 

Donning a black dress and red blazer, Dr. John, living by the words of a friend, confidently prepared for the showcase. She showed up a little before four in the evening to set up for the event which kicked off at six. There was an excited buzz in the air as the business cohort sat alphabetically by business name and made their pitch in front of the audience for 5 min. 
Despite some technical difficulties, everyone did a great job presenting. The questions were the challenging part for some, but they still held their ground.
When it was Dr. John’s turn to present, she smoothly delivered her slides, even with them taking forever to advance. This provided her a chance to ad lib and receive reactions from the audience. At the end of her presentation, she was asked two questions. The first question was how long a book takes to be completed and the second, if money was no option would she be open to profit sharing. Using Nichole Hawkins as an example for the first question, Dr. John explained how Hawkins signed on with Lauren Simone Publishing in March and had her book launched by June. In response to the latter Dr. John replied, “I would love to provide the resources for others who can’t afford it to become authors. However that changes the business model from hybrid to traditional and in hybrid models the author owns the copyright where in traditional the publisher does.” The judges seemed impressed by her answers. 

Everyone waited anxiously as the judges deliberated and the audience picked their favorite business. And then the time came for them to announce the winners… 

The audience favorite: Ital Creations Llc, a skin care business owned by Audrene Dias (@ital_creations_llc)

3rd Place: More than a Coloring Book owned by Shyanne Valentine (@morethanacoloringbook)

2nd Place: Breakfast Belle owned by Shef Tori (@breakfastbelle)

And in 1st Place our very own Lauren Simone Publishing!

Everyone, including her competitors seemed happy that she won. One of Dr. John’s mentors joked that he picked a winner. She was greeted by her children who hugged her and said how proud they were and audience members came to congratulate her. 

On behalf of Lauren Simone, we would like to congratulate everyone that participated and thank everyone who made this event possible!

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