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On Tuesday March 1, 2022, Lauren Simone Publishing House received a Newsletter from Buy from a Black Woman announcing they were a proud partner with Goldman Sachs One Million Black Women on Black in Business, a 10-week business education program providing Black women sole proprietors with the tools and network they need to succeed. The program included online and in-person sessions, including all-expense paid trips to Goldman Sachs HQ in NYC, a stipend, and the opportunity to connect with a powerful network of Black women entrepreneurs and strategic advisors throughout the process. Dr. Melissa-Sue John on behalf of Lauren Simone Publishing applied.

Goldman Sachs one million women in business

On January 17, 2023, Lauren Simone Publishing received an email from Kenya Fike announcing, "Welcome to Goldman Sachs’ One Million Black Women: Black in Business Cohort #3. Congratulations!" Over a three week, they provided  information for hotel accommodation, paid travel, stipend, SLACK, and an events app. It was so organized! It blew our minds! Remember this is the 4th business accelerator Dr. John completed. Each one has outranked the other in terms of the professionalism, networking, mentors, and stipends provided. When the OMBW business owners arrived to the Marriott, they each checked into their own rooms and received a tote bag with a tumbler, chocolate, popcorn, and three name badges. We had shuttles provided from the hotel to the headquarters. We had assigned seating. And the food catered during the orientation was from fellow small business owners from previous cohorts. At the orientation which took place on February 21-23, 2023, the businesses learned they were 149 women selected out of 2000 businesses and they deserved to be there.

Goldman Sachs one million women in business

They heard from Asahi Pompey, Global Head of Corporate Engagement & President of GS the Foundation,

Greg A. Shell, a partner at Goldman Sachs,

Melissa Bradley, founder of 1863 Ventures, 

Saudia Davis. Operating Partner at 1863 Ventures, and Emmanuel (aka Manny) Kaska, Partner at 1863 Ventures, among other highly successful Black people. During the sessions, business owners learned that Black women were the fastest growing entrepreneurs but often didn't last past the first two years. In order to help boost the economy, Goldman Sachs was mission focused to help one million black women owned businesses succeed. We made SMART goals, did SWOT analyses for their brand and personal, conducted entrepreneur tests, identified their numbers, developed strategies, and met with their advisors. It was long and exhausting, but it was also exhilarating and invaluable. 

Before the program started, Dr John visited the One World Observatory, the Memorial Pool, the Museum, and the World Trade Center. Prior to 9/11 Dr. John was a cashier at Express located in the World Trade Center. She was pregnant with her first child and on her way to a doctor appointment when she witnessed the horrible event. She tells people that her daughter saved her life. She had more to do on this earth! 

Dr. John is back in CT and ready to grow and scale Lauren Simone Publishing with her growth group and business advisor. 

 Goldman Sachs one million women in business cohort 3

Are you ready to be part of this historical moment in time?

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