Hall Place, Coram, and China City

A beautiful sunny day...left the house at 8am to catch a train to Bexley via Hither Green. We missed 8:59 by 1 minute because it was on the other platform and waited for the 915 which didnt arrive till 930. We managed to get there only 2 minutes late and the Danson House group presented their research at Hall Place. 

 Here are the students setting up...

 Ready to present..

 After a really professional and insightful presentation- A material- we toured the historic house and the gardens.

 It was a very interactive gallery. Kids would love it! Things to touch, smell, listen to and look at...
 I cant help but love my students, they have such a good sense of humor.

 Here is Patrick!

 View from window of the house
 Massive hall way

 We headed home and knew we had a 20 minute walk to the train station so Molly got out her Iphone and figured out what bus would take us there. We took the 229 to Bexley station.
 I got home and the family was there and just finished lunch. I ate some cold left overs, too lazy to reheat and then said, "The day is way too nice to sit at home" So we headed to Coram Fields Park because I had heard so many good things about it.

 Feeling really nostalgic...knowing in a few days I will never walk by these areas again...
 or ride this bus to church
 Hoping I can stay connected to my family and friends no matter how busy I get in the US and that they will choose to prioritize the same. That is what it comes down to....the things we value we put first. Work or Relationships? Family it is...I know my "work" wont show up at my funeral, but the relationships I nurture will..hopefully, lol!

 Saw this and thought, why dont I apply for a job here...they are bound to have a job opening for a psychology professor.
 Bye bye British Museum...
 Walked home and was joined by some family members to spend another evening with us. The girls were playing dress up and ran around like crazy.

 Alyssa is getting tired of them all jumping up on her...
 I am so going to miss these ladies. They will live in my heart forever! From day one they have treated me like a sister...remained consistent, never waivered- once! made me feel at home, because of them I never ever felt homesick. I felt at home. Our kids got along great and we got along exceptionally well. We are definitely Anguses, because the three of us are crazy people.

Kids jumping on bed...them tired yu nuh, but a fight it!

 I have enjoyed their company so much...Time to put kids to bed...we say good night...

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