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  1. Boost online presence. Allow customers to find you by a google search and have multiple directories recommend your business instead of just your website.
  2. Driving brand engagement by increasing online traffic. Your listing will include a link to your website, which will result in more traffic. Many consumers like to visit a web site before visiting a business. If yours isn’t listed, you lose out.
  3. Building citations. Citations are references to your business that include your business name and some sort of geographic identifier, like a phone number or street address. Citations are one of the signals Google uses to determine ranking for local listings.
  4. Build brand awareness locally. Sharing contact information, business hours, location, products and services. Often consumers start researching a product or business online, but continue it by visiting your store. Ensure people can find your business wherever they’re doing their research online by listing your business in the free places we’ve listed above. 
  5. Build business reputation. Links pointing to a website are a major factor in how that site ranks in search engines. I would say the most important factor, but linking is a complex and nuanced topic. Links are not all created equal. Where a link comes from is important. For example, a link from the home pages of comis worth a lot more than a link on a page buried deep within a blog like this one. And some web sites put a “nofollow” attribute on links. This attribute is a way of telling search engines not to follow nor associate value with a link. However, there is still some SEO value in a nofollowed link, in particular, because user behavior is also a factor in Google ranking. Matt Cutts of Google explains more about the value of nofollow links here.


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