Favorite Things receives Five Stars

Favorite Things, written and illustrated by Pedro Valentin was reviewed by Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite Book Reviews. 

Review #1: Review by Edith Wairimu

Reviewed by: Edith Wairimu

Review Rating: 5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review


The fun-filled, imaginative children’s story, Favorite Things by Pedro Valentin, Jr., takes place in a magical land with unlimited possibilities. It includes many opportunities for learning and invites young readers to join in its adventures. Queen B lives on the Isle of Favorite Things. Everyone there works hard to maintain the beautiful things on the Isle. The land is filled with many surprises, and if you look up at the sky from the magical land, you are sure to see strange things flying about. You can also color, create art, play ball, and dance with unique characters. You might spot a UFO or take milk from a chocolate cow. Queen B introduces us to some of her friends, including Exotic Lily and Dapper Hal. The possibilities and wonders in Isle of Favorite Things are endless.

Every page in the story invites young readers to discover new surprises that inspire the imagination. It is an engaging work with many activities that children can participate in. I loved how vibrant the illustrations were and enjoyed each scene. Children will be delighted at the unexpected ideas in the story and will love the word games included at the end. It will enhance their comprehension, reading, and writing skills. In addition, its coloring pages will encourage children’s creativity and allow them to express their emotions, ideas, and thoughts. Favorite Things by Pedro Valentin, Jr. is an educative, delightful story filled with many opportunities for inspiration and learning. Young and adult readers will love its surprising scenes and enjoy joining Queen B on her adventures.

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