Dubai left me speechless

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There is no place like Dubai, but there are many places combined that remind me of Dubai. All my favorite landmarks in one city… New York City skyline… Las Vegas city lights...Palm Springs desert and backdrop, the London Eye, and more. Dubai lacks nothing.

I went to Dubai for a family vacation. I was joined by my husband and my two sons. We took an airplane via Emirates Airline.

When we landed in the airport, it struck me that the locals, the Emiratis, are pure royalty as they emerge through the streets dressed in their traditional garb. The men wore kanduras and the women wore abayas. To learn more about cultural apparel, read the children's picture book, A Guide to Things We Wear by Melissa-Sue John.

Photo: Statue Downtown Dubai

Here is a video of a US actress Jessica Alba advertising for Dubai. To learn how to become an actor, explore the children's book, Guide to becoming an actor.

A doctor came to our hotel to take nasal swabs so we could safely travel without spreading COVID. We met people from many different professions including drivers, hotel staff, security guards, salon workers, and airport staff. These and other occupations can be explored in the book, Olivia Lauren's Occupations A to Z .

We saw so many different modes of transportation that my children had learned about in Olivia Travels.

As I was boarding my cruise, we saw a booth that reminded me of those phone booths we saw in London.

To help you child learn more about modes of communication, check out Olivia Connects

We visited many places including: 

Burj Khalifah

The Palm - Atlantis

The Dubai Aquarium

We did a Dubai City Tour, visited Spice Souk, went on a Dhow Cruise, and stayed at the VERSACE hotel. We ate at local restaurants and American franchises such as McDonalds and KFC, and of course, we went on a desert safari trip. My boys enjoyed riding a camel that we had to do it twice!

We stayed for ten days and there was still so much to do. Dubai owes me absolutely nothing. This was definitely one of my favorite trips and I loved that I got to do it with my children. Traveling is a way of learning that no classroom can offer. 

The last thing I will leave with you is how they identified people with disabilities. They called them people of determination. Isn't that amazing?

Thanks for reading. Please be sure to check out those books I recommended. 
Reading is a passport to countless adventures! And remember you can do anything you are determined to do. 

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