Career Week at R.J. O’Brien STEM Academy

Career days are a great way for students to find out about different career paths they can follow, but they’re also a great opportunity for them to connect with adults who have experience in these careers.

R.J. O’Brien STEM Academy took career day to a whole new level and made a week out of it to which Dr. John was invited this past week. Among the guests invited that day was a Fox 61 News Reporter, an engineer from Pratt and Whitney, a speech pathologist, a Howard University Alum, the founder of Sisters LLC, and Lauren Simone Publishing House represented by our very own Dr. John.

During her time there she discussed why she became a publisher, when she started her business, in addition to the rewards and challenges she faced along the way. Dr. John shared all the books the company had published and asked students which one was their favorite to which the students enthusiastically replied Olivia Lauren’s Guide to Things To Wear.

Career days also provide a fantastic outlet for students to ask questions which many took advantage of. There were a lot of great questions, like when Dr. John was asked if she ever experienced any difficulties or felt like quitting. Many of our books here at Lauren Simone encourage this same mindset: to find faith in the face of adversity be it in your career or in life such as Amari Bingham's Proskater and Dr. Donna Berman's The Painted Sky. Echoing Dr. John’s encouragement: if you truly want something you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. 

The possibilities for who you can become are endless. Don’t believe me? Check out Dr. Melissa-Sue John’s book Olivia Lauren’s Occupations A to Z: A Guide to Jobs and Careers to get a glimpse at what you can become if you work hard and dare to dream.

Want to read more? Be sure to check out the other Olivia Lauren books on communication, transportation, clothing, and more!

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