We are STARS!!

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It is official, we are stars! Five Stars that is!

All of our books have now officially received the prestigious 5 star Reader's Favorite Review.

Olivia Connects: A Guide to the Modes of Communication was the last book to be reviewed by a Reader's Favorite staff member. 

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

Olivia Connects: A Guide to Modes of Communication by Melissa-Sue John and Alyssa Simone is an educational and informative book that will guide children on how to communicate. Olivia Lauren introduces them to the different types of communication styles and devices that are used to communicate. Harriet is going out with her mother and she waves to Olivia Lauren in nonverbal communication. There is verbal communication, and communication can also be formal or informal. Formal communication is used with teachers or coworkers, and is polite and professional. Informal communication is often used with siblings and friends, and is relaxed. This book will make readers familiar with the different modes of communication; both ancient and modern.

I like the choice of topic; it is important that children learn about the types of communication and what existed during ancient times. Lionel Emabat's wonderful illustrations give clarity to the author's words and what she is trying to convey. This book is the best way to help children understand the modes of communication without making it boring and uninteresting; even adults will find it interesting to read about the ancient modes of communication. The glossary at the end of the book is useful for readers to learn new words and enhance their vocabulary.

Children will love the main character of Olivia Lauren, and the author uses the character to guide readers in learning about the modes of communication, which makes it engaging. It is a good book for classroom and school library read aloud sessions to make children aware of communication modes; both modern and ancient.

Congratulation to Melissa-Sue John, Alyssa Simone, and Lionel Emabat!

Welcome to the Five Star Family!

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