The Bishops Visit the Olympic Training Center Slovakia

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In 2020, our world went on lockdown due to Covid-19. This lockdown disrupted my routine. I began to have meltdowns day after day. One day my mom decided to teach my brother, Elijah and me about a vision board. Some call it a manifestation board. It took me a while to understand the purpose, but I began placing my goals on the board once I got the concept.

vision board

My biggest goal is to travel the world with Special Olympics Florida. In August 2022, Mom told me I needed to pack my bag. We were headed to Slovakia to represent Special Olympics Florida Youth Athletes. I don't know all the countries in the world, but my suitcase was packed and ready the next day.

Upon arriving in Slovakia, I first saw the wind turbines that generated electrical power that powered cities around the country. I have read about them in school but never thought I would see one in real life. After an hour of driving, we arrived at X-Bionic Sphere Olympic Training Center Slovakia. We spent a few days there. Oh boy, I was in dreamland. It is a resort for athletes that offers 27 professional, Olympic sports disciplines including gymnastics and swimming. Let me not forget the restaurant called Olym-Pick, which had some of the best food for their guests and athletes.

X-Bionic Sphere Olympic Training Center Slovakia

My family and I enjoyed the resort before we got to work. Once we left the X-Bionic Sphere, we drove about 2 hours to my first equestrian event.

horse back riding equestrian events

Although my brother and I didn’t participate in the equestrian as competitors, it was an honor to present the awards to the competing athletes. I have been on the receiving end of receiving medals, but this time I was honored to be presenting awards. I'm happy I was not a judge, because I would have given them all first place.

awards for equestrain event X-Bionic Sphere Olympic Training Center Slovakia

After leaving the equestrian event, we headed to the mountains. We were approximately 719m above sea level at Hotel Jason. At Hotel Jason, we began helping put together Special Olympics Slovakia's first youth athlete program. After we built the gym, I was excited because this would be my first time meeting other athletes not from the USA but from Slovakia and Ukraine.

special olympics

I saw many beautiful athletes on the morning of the opening ceremony. They greeted my family and me with hugs. The youth training program was excellent; we engaged in several activities such as karate, obstacle courses, strengthening exercises, gymnastics, family workout sessions, table tennis, bowling, football, and swimming. As we moved from station to station, I had a chance to engage with the other athletes. On the first day of camp, I demonstrated my gymnastics workout skills; they could not keep up with me, and I didn't know how to slow down. Dad said this opportunity gave the younger athletes a chance to believe in themselves and accomplish their dreams.

Another purpose of traveling to Slovakia was to learn from each other; I had the opportunity to spend time with Eva Gazova Vrankova, the director of Special Olympics Slovakia. On the second day of camp,

olympic swimming

Eva taught me new swimming skills that will help me to attain faster times in competing.

olympic swimming

We also had the US Ambassadors present.

US Ambassadors

As my parents interacted with the US Ambassadors, I was busy having fun on the obstacle course.

obstacle course

On the last day of camp, we had an outdoor dinner by a bonfire. When we think of a bonfire in the USA, our first thought is Smores, but in Slovakia it's sausage. And yes, it was delicious! I had two, to be exact. I am truly blessed to have received this opportunity to represent Special Olympics Florida and be a role model and ambassador to children with disabilities such as myself worldwide. 

Madison Bishop Elijah Bishop

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Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed my blog!

Madison Bishop

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  • Faith Williams on

    Madison you are a beautiful athletic

  • Zachary Ramjattan on

    Proud of you , congratulations, we know you will excel in all your endeavors.
    Zach , Zoe , Nick & Shearon

  • Sabrena Bishop on

    Proud to be your mom.

  • Jonathan Simmons on

    Madison!!! You were great in 3rd grade and have only continued to get greater – congratulations on your success and the many more that I know are to to come!

  • Daisy Smith on

    Congratulations on a job well done. There’s nothing you both can’t achieve, without perseverance ,determination and hard work love you ❤ always.

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