Ryan Parker, featured on Fox 61, as Poet Laureate of Manchester

Ryan Parker is an artist, educator, and Lauren Simone Publishing House author of the children's book, Happyvism. Happyvism is a book that uses hip hop and poetry to teach children about joy as a mode of activism for Black and Brown bodies. It identifies the beauty and brilliance of Black and Brown children, as well as the trauma experienced by indigenous and racial minority groups.

Watch the entire interview here.


Ryan Park, Poet Laureate, Lauren Simone Publishing House


FOX61/CW20 announced a new partnership with the Connecticut Office of The Arts and the Connecticut Department of Education forming Connecticut Creative Futures, an arts-based initiative designed to highlight Connecticut artists and careers in the arts and offer hands-on arts projects for all students and their families. The goal of Connecticut Creative Futures is to develop creative thinking skills and promote careers in all facets of the arts industry, which continues to have a major impact on the Connecticut economy. Students will have the opportunity to take three online arts learning activities and enter their work in the Connecticut Creative Futures Art Contest.

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