Print on demand sites

You want to showcase beautiful, customizable apparel on your website but you do not want to hold large inventory.

Here are 10 popular print-on-demand sites that offer apparel:

  1. Printful (
  2. Printify (
  3. Gooten (
  4. Teespring (
  5. Redbubble (
  6. Spreadshirt (
  7. Society6 (
  8. Zazzle (
  9. CustomCat (
  10. Merch by Amazon (

These platforms provide customizable options for designing and printing children's apparel, allowing you to create unique and personalized clothing items. Remember to review each platform's features, pricing, and terms to determine which one best suits your needs.

Image Credit: I May Not Be Like You, But We Could Be Friends by Sabrena Bishop, illustrated by Tyler Waite. The story is a valuable lesson on the importance of individual differences, sharing feelings, being a good friend, dealing with bullies, teasing, and painful childhood lessons. The bright and colorful illustrations of childhood contexts such as schools, parks, and libraries are captivating and entertaining for early readers. 

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