Mocha Books

On Saturday, November 10, 2018, Lauren Simone Pubs partnered with Mocha Books to promote our multicultural children's books. Mocha Books, founded in 2017, offer new and used books for all ages, family friendly events, literacy resources, and more. The mission of Mocha Books is to first promote literacy and foster a love of reading in the home and in our community. Secondly, their platform is dedicated to culturally represented and diverse books.  Lauren Simone Pubs books will be available on their website beginning Monday, December 3rd! 

​Statistics show that reading at least 20 minutes a day will have a positive impact and build a lifelong reader. In addition, it is important to include books that are diverse, that will open the mind to a world outside of one's own view. It is equally important that youth are reading stories that look like theirs, with characters that look like them.

Don't forget to visit their site!

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