Kozy Korner Space Party

Kozy Korner invited Lauren Simone Pubs to host a Space Party. Melissa-Sue John read "Disco Balls of the Universe" written by child author, Imani Ariana Grant and illustrated by teen artists, Simonne-Anais Clarke and Zachary-Michael Clarke. 

After reading the story, Melissa asked the children "What was your favorite planet?" Joshua said "Jupiter because it is the largest planet". Tiana said "Mars because it is red, my favorite color" Marleigh said, "Uranus because it sounds like anus"

After the story, children were invited to a craft table to color the planets, cut them out and create a Space Mobile. The children seemed to really enjoy this. Children who finished quickly completed word puzzles and unscramble word games featuring the planets. 
The Story time ended with an epic dance party where children were doing the Neptune Electric Slide and the Moon Walk. 
We all had so much fun.

If you missed it, follow Kozy Korner Bookstore on Instagram and Facebook to never miss an event. Kozy Korner is located in Vision Plaza on Center Road in Kingston, Jamaica.

If you are not located in Jamaica, be sure to follow Lauren Simone Pubs on Instagram for local events



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