Jewish Heritage Month begins May 1

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and recognize the rich history, culture, and contributions of Jewish Americans to our nation.

Jewish Americans have played a significant role in shaping the fabric of American society, from the arts and sciences to politics and business. This month provides an opportunity to honor and remember the experiences and accomplishments of Jewish Americans throughout history, as well as celebrate their contributions to our diverse society.

In particular, Jewish American Heritage Month recognizes the achievements of individuals who have overcome discrimination and adversity to make a positive impact on American society. By highlighting the diversity and strength of Jewish American culture, we can promote tolerance and understanding, as well as inspire future generations to strive for excellence and contribute to their communities.

Jewish Heritage Month

(Image from Olivia Lauren's A Guide to Things We Wear)

As we celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month, let us reflect on the rich history and contributions of Jewish Americans and continue to promote diversity, inclusion, and understanding in our society. Let us also acknowledge our author, Donna Berman.

Donna Berman, Ph.D. Author of Painted Sky

DOnna Berman wrote The Painted Sky, which is available for sale on AmazonAll proceeds go to the Charter Oak Cultural Center located in Hartford, CT. 

Jewish heritage month

The Painted Sky which features a black girl is a liberation story—a story about one young person’s attempt to liberate her community, a story about the liberation, possible in all of us, of the part of us that knows the truth and will not back down from speaking it.

We also celebrate the Jewish Culture in the book, Olivia Lauren's A Guide to Things We Wear. The book introduces children to different types of clothing and their purpose.

Jewish Heritage Month


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